GCR Financial Planning

Issue 2 - GCR.pngAs you will see from our “Suppliers” page at the back of the magazine, GCR Financial Planning is one of our supporters.  Over the next few issues we aim to feature each of our supporters with a brief article.  This interview (and the recipe from The Inn at Kippen) mark the start of that process.

Graham Robinson is the Principal of GCR Financial Planning, and a Senior Partner of St James’s Place Wealth Management, the group of which GCR Financial Planning is a component.  He agreed to provide The Wee Vine with an interview at which he outlined the philosophy which guides his client management strategy.

Whereas Shakespeare famously proclaimed the “Seven Ages of Man”, Graham uses a somewhat curtailed version of this – the “Three Ages of Financial Planning” – to guide his client advice and management.  Graham sees these three ages as:

From 40+, when client thoughts first turn actively toward the provision of funds and security for the years of retirement.  In Graham’s experience, very few people actively make any provision for this in previous years.

Between 60 and 80 (varying according to personal circumstances and factors such as health), the enjoyment of the rewards from phase 1.  Graham actively encourages a switch of mental focus when entering this phase from “save” to “spend” (sensibly).

Thereafter, basking in the glow of pleasurable memories garnered in phase 2.

Graham’s expertise is greatly to the fore in phases 1 (advising on investment and acceptable levels of risk) and phase 2 (advising on sensible means of realising income).  Typically, phase 3 requires less active management, although Graham will still meet regularly with clients.

Graham has been involved for many years in this area, both individually and as a partner in St James.  He relocated his business to Rennie’s Loan in Kippen some 9 years ago.

Stuart Thomson, March 2017