In a conversation at one of our local hostelries, the topic of the lack of a magazine in Kippen came up. After a long debate, a few residents of Kippen decided to have a look at the feasibility of starting a new magazine to keep the residents informed of local events.

Our intention is to produce the printed version quarterly, with this supporting website to cater for extra information and photographs plus more up to the minute information in between print runs. We are keen to receive any articles during the year and you can send these plus photographs to us (see the Contact page for details).

We are grateful to the local businesses and individuals that have supported the launch of The Wee Vine but we will need continuous support as we are not funded by advertising. You can help us to keep publishing by sending any donation no matter how small (see the Donations page for details)

Denis Bradley

Editorial Group
Ali Thom
Naomi Hirst
Rick Dekker
Stuart Thomson

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Rick Dekker

Proof Reading
Karen Dekker

The Wee Vine magazine is published by The Wee Vine, which is a not-for-profit charity.