Wee Vine Seats Competition.

The winner of the £20 voucher gifted by the Inn at Kippen is Raymond Ainslie pictured receiving his voucher.


Second place went to the Sullivan Family, who won Hug-A-Hog at Arnbeg Farm.



Competition Answers:

Seat No 1: Opposite Hairdressers in main street Sandy Spowarts Memorial

Seat No 2: Next to old curling pond Doris and Denovan Memorial

Seat No 3: Fore Road on left after Oakbank and just before Dalveen

Seat No 4: At the Fork in Cauldhame point end

Seat No 5: Top of Oakwood outside the old Police Station now called Fasgad

Seat No 6: Outside Football Pavilion Jack Dunlop Memorial

Seat No 7: As you enter Football park on right at top end of pitch

Seat No 8: Next to the path in the woods above Football pitch

Seat No 9: Bottom of Football pitch on right Will Johnstone Memorial

Seat No 10: On the right up Burnside just before turn off for gun club Doctor Campbell’s memorial

Seat No 11: On Burnside Road just after 30 mile an hour signs on the right


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Kippen Seats Competition

Win a £20 voucher courtesy of the Inn at Kippen and a second prize is Hug-A-Hog at Arnbeg Farm.

In our first competition all you have to do is spot where each of the photographs of Kippen Seats have been taken. Your answers should be an exact location in the Kippen area.

All correct answers will be drawn by 31 May and the winners will be advised by email/phone and will also be shown on our website.

email your answers & details to:

Issue #2 - Seat Competition - IMG_4299
Issue #2 - Seat Competition - IMG_4297
Issue #2 - Seat Competition - IMG_4293
Issue #2 - Seat Competition - IMG_4275
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