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In this issue we have a special feature from Torin Price who is volunteering in the Solomon Islands.

There is an update on the Kingsburn Windfarm Windfall plus events including Classics at Kippen, Pumpkins at Arnprior and the Vintage Market. There is more info on the Kippen Kirkyard Project as well plus all the news from our Primary School.

We were hoping for more club events but all we have are the Curling, Golf and Bowling Clubs.

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Special Feature

Volunteering in the Solomon Islands

My name is Torin Price and I am currently a 6th form student at Balfron High School.

Come summer next year that is going to change in quite a dramatic way for me. After a 5-day selection course on the Isle of Coll I’m pleased to say that, as part of a volunteering programme with Project Trust, I will be spending a year in the Solomon Islands!

I’ll be sent with just one other person from the UK and I will be teaching English to secondary school students whilst immersing myself in the local community – helping in whatever way I can. Although I don’t know exactly where I will be posted, I’m told it will be a rural setting. I and my partner will live within that rural community for a full 12 months.

Project Trust itself is a charity that specializes in sending school leavers away for a year to help communities in less developed nations. They send pairs of volunteers to 21 different countries around the globe for 12-month periods. They primarily focus on sending people to teach in primary and secondary schools, although they can also offer opportunities in social care and outward bound.

The organization started in 1967 and is now reaching its 50th year of operation. In these 50 years the Trust has sent over 7,000 volunteers abroad to South America, Africa, Asia and now Oceania. They are one of the most respected gap year organizations in the UK, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for school leavers to immerse themselves in a completely different lifestyle, culture and community to what they’re used to.

The Solomon Islands lie in the southern Pacific Ocean, just east of Papua New Guinea. The small nation has a population of 599,000, only a thousand people more than Glasgow! There are 6 main islands and over 900 smaller ones. The country is hugely diverse with 70 local dialects spoken. Even though the official language is English, only 2% of the population actually speaks it.


final final

The economy is very poor with its gross domestic product (GDP) per person similar to many African countries, which makes it fall under the classification of underdeveloped. As a result, many basic facilities lacks funding for maintenance or even staffing, including schools. This means that the country often has to rely on foreign aid to support the education system, which is where I come in.

To do this I’m required to contribute to the funding. For me to travel to the Solomon Islands, cover living costs and insurance, and not put any of the expense upon the community, I need to raise just over £6,000.

So, over the next 8 months I will be wearing myself thin fundraising, trying to reach my total by the end of July. I’m planning on hosting multiple events, whilst also doing a sponsored swim/run and hosting several afternoon teas, amongst other things. I would really appreciate any contribution (no matter how small) to help me reach my total.

If you would like to get in touch to find out any more information, or to give me a donation towards my year away, please contact me at: Ardenlea, Fintry Road, Kippen (Tel 01786 870395; mobile 07402151709); email torinprice@gmail.com. Or donate online on my Virgin Money Giving page:


Please feel free to visit my Facebook Page where I’ve got more information, and I will post updates on my progress and advertise any events that I’ll be holding.


Torin (Price).SB/PR





The Wooden Curling Stone

This wooden stone was commissioned by Jock Armstrong as a trophy to be played as an annual competition by Kippen Curling Club. The first competition was played in 2005 and was won by Robert Armstrong’s team, with other team members being Jean Chapman, Ken Smith and Marian Watt. Originally the competition was played at an away venue, with several games being played over a weekend. Latterly, it was a day’s outing at Greenacres.

In November this year the competition was played at The Peak Ice Rink in Stirling, with two teams of curling. Skip Margaret Armstrong, and team members John Rennie, Nander Robertson and Naomi Hirst, were the proud winners of the trophy.

Roddy McLeod, who lived at Dun Eaglais, turned the stone from various types of wood. Roddy’s business, before he retired, was Charles Henshaw and Sons Ltd, Iron Founders in Edinburgh. The business creates architectural features for buildings, and when Buchanan Galleries was built in Glasgow they installed the handrails for the gallery, and part of the wooden stone is made from off cuts of the maple handrail. Roddy was always on the lookout for bits of ‘spare’ wood, and the wooden handle is a piece from another commission at the Conrad Restaurant at No 1 Poultry, in London. Another section of the stone comes from echi wood which is a hard wood from Africa, the base being made from walnut, and the stone itself is mahogany. Robert Armstrong made a wooden box to carry this trophy. Altogether, it is a beautiful piece of work. Many residents in Kippen are proud owners of some of Roddy’s pieces.


Golfing Society

Probably the wettest season we have ever had and yet with one exception we managed to fulfil all but one result and that was the Scott Davidson Knockout competition which is in the final stage and will be played around April/May 2018 between Carl Olivarius and Roy Johnstone.

First outing was on Friday 2nd June where 14 members played a single Stableford round at Alloa Golf Club for the Cauldhame Cup.

1st Carl Olivarius         42 points

R/u Jim Nolan              36 points

3rd Mark Seymour      31 points,

Nearest the pin at the 7th hole was Jim Nolan

Second outing was on Wednesday 23rd June where 16 members played a single Stableford  round in pairs at Balfron Golf Club for the Robert Chapman Greensomes Trophies

1st Bill Aitchison and Carl Olivarius 43 points

R/u Ian Leith and John Anderson    42 points.

Nearest the pin at the 6th hole was Brian Horsburgh

Third outing was on Saturday 22nd July where 12 members played at Kinross Golf Course. In the morning for the Denholm Cup and in the afternoon in pairs for the Millars of Falkirk Goblets, both rounds were Stableford.


1st Rob McQuater      36 points

R/u Carl Olivarius       34 points

3rd Frank Walker        28 points.

Nearest the pin at the 4th hole for the Jack Hay Cup was Brian Horsburgh.


1st David Campbell & Les Watson         46 points

R/u Rob McQuater & Brian Horsburgh  41 points

The final outing of the year was played on Sunday 3rd September  where 14 members played  a single Stableford round at Scotscraig Golf Club for the Jubilee Cup

1st Carl Olivarius         33 points

R/u Bill Aitchison        29 points

3rd Willie Mills            28 points

Nearest the pin at the 13th hole for the Iain Gillies Trophy was Mark Seymour.

The Railton Scott Memorial Trophy was decided at Scotscraig where the player with the most points over the single rounds at both Kinross and Scotscraig won the trophy.

1st Carl Olivarius        67 points

R/u Frank Walker       50 points.

The other Knockout competition for the Crown Hotel Cup was completed and the result was

Winner Carl Olivarius

R/u       Kenny More

For the start of next year, there will be the AGM in late January and Prize Giving mid/late February. Dates to be finalised at the Committee meeting in mid-January.

Alasdair McCall


Kippen Bowling Club

Winter is well and truly here, and our Bowling Club has closed for the season – opening again during the month of April.

We all had a good season with lots of fun.  We entertained members from various bowling clubs in the surrounding areas, and we were invited to play at other clubs.  Some members represented the club at a number of competitions, although being competitive is not compulsory!!!

Our end of season BBQ was well attended and proved very enjoyable, as was the November dinner and prizegiving.

The AGM will be held in February and precise dates of opening and events will be available shortly thereafter.  Updates will be in the next edition of the Wee Vine.  In the meantime, if you are thinking what to do in the summer months a warm welcome awaits you at the Bowling Club in Kippen.

Agnes McLaren


01360 850264


bowling balls

Community Affairs

The Day of Scottish Country Dance

Active Stirling organised a fantastic Day of Scottish Country Dance on the 29th November. Primary 3, 4 and 5 had lots of dances to learn before the event, and worked well together to support each other.  The pupils also enjoyed a display of Scottish Country Dancing from the Stirling Country Dance Club. Having a real ceilidh band to play for the dances made it extra special. We even made it into the Stirling Observer’s double page spread about the day.



Community Affairs

Primary 1, 2 and 3 Nativity

The Primary 1, 2 and 3 children performed ‘Hey Ewe!’ on the 7th and 8th of December, the story of a curious sheep who becomes part of an extraordinary event. They had lots of fun performing this upbeat Christmas nativity and enjoyed learning the lyrics, lines and dance moves. They were also involved in designing programmes, posters and tickets for the performance. Thank you to our audiences for the lovely feedback. We are so glad you enjoyed it. We are very proud of the children’s achievements.