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Kippen Heritage

We are looking for people who are interested in the history of Kippen and have good IT skills.

You would be involved in recording the history and heritage of Kippen and making this available to all those interested.  This entails:

•       Scanning and filing (in the cloud) a large number of photos and documents.  The primary source for these is an archive spanning well over 100 years, which has been built up  This contains several thousand items.  A large part of this has already been archived, but there remains a sizeable task.

•       Using this material to build a comprehensive website.  This involves not simply transferring material (although that might sometimes suffice), but also building the material into a story in some cases – examples of this would be the smiddy, the big vine, the boatyard, the kirkyard. A small element of this phase has been done and awaits publication, but the vast majority remains to be completed.

Could anyone interested in becoming part of this team please contact Stuart Thomson at, or on 07736 362011.  Numbers permitting, we will then organise a team meeting to agree how to take this forward.


Welcome to edition 9 of The Wee Vine

We are two years in print with this issue.

Thanks again to our growing list of Supporters and a special mention to our band of distributors who ensure you receive your copy of The Wee Vine.

In this issue we again highlight the campaign to raise funds for our historic Old Kirk plus an update from The Inn at Kippen.

The campaign to reduce the speed limit in the village to 20 MPH has been a success and features in Community Affairs plus an update on the changes at the Reading Rooms.
Unfortunately, we have no club news in this issue.

We would like articles from all sources and realise that some items appear on Facebook but not everyone in the village reads Facebook.

On a personal note I would just like to remind dog walkers in the village to remove dog fouling made on our pavements as this is an offence and is not appreciated by locals and those, we welcome to visit our village.

Deadline for the next issue is 31 March 2019

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Community Affairs



Kippen Old Kirk, with its iconic belfry, lies at the heart of the village of Kippen, but the Kirkyard gate is locked and the history that lies within is inaccessible to the public, and will remain so until funds can be raised to secure the dangerous masonry of the ruined Kirk. However, if we can save the Kirk, Stirling Council will stabilise the 19 memorials which are at risk of falling. But clearly, a considerable amount of work is required in order to allow the Kirkyard to be opened again to the community and to visitors.

The first stage of the work will be to make the Old Kirk safe. This involves removing the ivy and self-seeded shrubs which are destabilising the masonry, raking out all masonry joints, repointing in lime mortar, repairing the cracked lintel over the gable window and also the stone slabs forming the base and roof of the belfry. The ancient bell, which in fact predates the Kirk, will be carefully removed and placed in storage until such time as further funding can be raised to replace the eroded iron framework; it will then be returned to its place in the belfry, where it has been for more than 300 years.

Over the years, due to lack of maintenance, the Kirkyard has become overgrown and unsightly, creating a negative environmental impact in the centre of the village. However, a considerable amount of volunteer work has already been done to rectify this. Brambles and ivy have been removed to reveal memorials, many of especial historic interest, that have not been visible for decades. Many inform us of the various trades and occupations that existed in the village, and surnames such as Adam, Armstrong, Buchanan, Crawford, Dougall, Ewing, Forrester, Graham, Galbraith, Harvie, Leckie, Monteith, Rennie, Ure and many more, are still familiar to us in the village today.

There is also a rich Covenanting history in our surrounding countryside, and this too is evident in the Kirkyard where we have the grave of James Ure of Shirgarton, who raised a force of almost 300 locally, to fight for the Covenanting cause. There is also a memorial to Jean Key who, on account of her inheritance, was abducted by Rob Roy’s son Robin Oig MacGregor and forced into marriage, only to die at the age of 20, before Robin was executed for his crime.

It would be very sad to lose the Kirk and the history that lies in the Kirkyard, but unless something is done, and urgently, that unfortunately is what will happen. At the moment, the priority is to save the Kirk but, with the help of volunteers, Kippen Heritage have already begun to create a new archive; memorials are being photographed, inscriptions and histories recorded and ultimately, all information will be accessible on a Kippen Heritage web site.

Irene Chapman



Community Affairs


Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford, who has been heavily involved in the local campaign, has praised residents in Kippen who have today won the case for the village to be a 20mph zone.

Mr Crawford has worked closely with the former Community Council, the Parents’ Council and Kippen Primary School, in taking the case to Stirling Council.

Confirmation from Stirling Council came following a petition of over 220 signatures in support of reducing the speed limit throughout Kippen.

The Council have accepted the case and have indicated that funding has been made available in this year’s budget, meaning that the necessary works to convert Kippen into a 20mph zone for traffic will be carried out this financial year.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“This is a win for the local community, who have worked tirelessly to secure safer roads throughout their village.

 “From meeting with local Community Councillors, to speaking to local parents, and being sent a campaign video, made by the Primary 7 class, this has truly been a campaign with a diverse array of support across Kippen.

“The spirit of the community has been a demonstration of what can be achieved when local people work together for a common cause, and I am thoroughly delighted with this outcome.”

Environment Convener on Stirling Council, Councillor Jim Thomson, who has also backed the community’s campaign, said:

“The case has been made and officers are happy to proceed with making Kippen village a 20mph zone. Funding has been made available through the Council’s budget to pay for appropriate traffic regulation order advertisement. Residents will be pleased to know that this is now due to be carried out during this financial year.”

Local Councillor Graham Lambie said:

“Local residents were clearly concerned about traffic safety through the village and mounted an impressive campaign. Today’s outcome is great news for the village and all those involved, and I would like to thank them for all of their work.”

Community Affairs



Residents in Kippen have written to Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford with a petition, supported by 224 signatures, which calls for the speed limit in the village to be reduced to 20mph.

Mr Crawford has supported the local campaign to reduce speed limits in Kippen, having met with the members of the Community Council, the Parent Council and Kippen Primary P7s – who produced a campaign video highlighting the importance of safer speed limits outside the school.

The SNP Group on Stirling Council is supportive of introducing 20mph zones in residential areas where there is a clear desire for them within communities – and the Environment Convener, Councillor Jim Thomson, is supportive of Kippen community’s campaign.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“This is an excellent example of a community taking this matter into their own hands to make their views known.

 “It has been proven that 20mph zones reduce the overall speed of traffic, making it safer for pedestrians – with children and vulnerable older people particularly at risk of fatal accidents.

 “I have been inspired by the work of the local community in moving this campaign forward – and the P7 group in particular who produced a fantastic video highlighting their campaign.

 “I’m grateful for this petition being passed to me. With over 220 signatures, it is a strong statement that the community wants action on safer speed limits. I will be writing to Stirling Council for an update on how this matter is being progressed and will keep my constituents posted.”

SNP Councillor for Forth and Endrick, Graham Lambie added:

“I too am hugely supportive of this campaign from the local community. I know that my SNP colleague Councillor Jim Thomson has been discussing the issue in detail with Stirling Council officers in order to turn the clear wishes of the community into a reality.

 “I will continue to pursue this issue within the Council in order to achieve 20mph roads in Kippen as soon as possible.”


1st Carse Cubs

The Cubs and Leaders took part in the 100-year Remembrance Ceremony and Service to mark the end of the First World War.  The Cubs read out the names on our War Memorial and placed our ‘poppy crosses’ on the War Memorial, which the Cubs made during one of our sessions.  From there we went to the Church and one of our Cubs carried the Union flag into the Church.

Our ever-popular Firework and Bonfire night was held on Tuesday 6th November at Kippen Football Pitch. This is our big fund-raising event of the year and, despite a bit of rain at exactly the point the fireworks were set off, was a huge success.  I am delighted to announce that we raised £950 on the night.  As part of the Scouting ethos, and with our community in mind, the funds were distributed to the following groups:

Stirlingshire Scouting Association
Kippen Primary School
Kippen Sports Development Fund
The Reading Rooms
Kippen Village Hall
Reading Rooms Garden
Flower Tubs in Main Street
Outdoor Equipment for your local Cubs

We’d also like to thank all the local businesses and individuals who sponsored and supported this event as well (in no particular order – you are all awesome!):

Trossachs Search and Rescue
The Woodhouse
The Inn at Kippen
The Cross Keys
Sheree Hairdressing
McNicolls Country Store
Rhubarb Lime
Skinner’s of Kippen
Weir Forestry
Kippen Community Woodland group
Kippen Sports Development Fund
Bobby Wilson (Stephen Paul Associates)
Martin and Janet Hobson
John Lamb
Jaimie McLean
Andrew Struthers

We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did, and thank you once again for your kind donations. This event could not run and be such a huge success without the support and generous donations from you, our community.

Also this term, the Cubs took a visit to the pumpkin patch at Arnprior Pumpkins, made chips and home-made ketchup from the produce we grew in the Reading Rooms garden, made our own guys for the bonfire, had a fabulously fun Halloween party and were able to participate in a wall climbing experience at The Peak, which was led by one of our leaders, Iain MacKinnon who has recently qualified as a wall climbing instructor.


As I write we are making plans for our end of term Christmas party.  This is always a fun event with lots of games, laughter and party food.  This event also marks the end of my time at Cubs.  My son is leaving Cubs at Christmas and moving to Scouts.  He also plays rugby at Strathendrick Rugby Club, where I am also one of the coaches for his team.  As the Rugby Team progress, so does the commitment from the coaches, so it seems like the most natural time to hang up my Cub necktie and hand over the reigns of this fantastic wee group to Iain MacKinnon and the other leaders.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this fantastic bunch of amazing kids, who never cease to amaze me.  It wouldn’t be such a huge success without the commitment and dedication of the wonderful team of assistant leaders I had around me, each one bringing different skills and ideas to this fabulous group.  It’s been an honour and a privilege to have been involved, and I know it will continue to be a huge part of our community for many years to come.

Derek Shanks