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Christian Aid

This year’s door to door collection for Christian Aid in Kippen raised the impressive sum of just over £2,350, an increase of over 17% on the total raised in 2018.  Michael Hirst, the organiser of the Christian Aid collection, commented: “I am very grateful to the people of Kippen for once again showing their generous support for the humanitarian work done by Christian Aid in very poor countries of the world.  It is very gratifying, and a particular encouragement to the team of 30 worthy volunteers who did the house to house collection in and around the village.

Michael Hirst

Community Affairs

Kippen 20MPH Update

Hello Bruce,

I am the editor of the Wee Vine in Kippen. We featured an article in the winter edition last year on the success of the campaign. All seems to have gone quiet now.

It mentioned that works would be carried out this financial year.

Can you advise what the situation is now please?


Denis Bradley


Hello Denis,

Many thanks for getting in touch about this.

I have been in touch with the Council regarding the implementation of the 20mph zone in Kippen, which is subject to being approved by the planning panel. My understanding is that there were objections made to the Council’s planning application, which did not relate to Kippen. I have had assurances that officers are working on this matter and intend to introduce new signage to the area as soon as possible.

This is a disappointing delay, as finances have been allocated to this project. However, I will remain in close contact with Council officers and hope that this is only a minor delay to the implementation of 20mph zones.

I hope that this is helpful.

Kind regards,

Bruce Crawford MSP, pp.Lee Robb

Community Affairs

Kippen Community Quilters


Would you like to join our friendly little quilting group?  We meet autumn through to early summer ever 2 weeks in Kippen Reading Room on Saturday mornings.  We have some space available if you would like to join us and the membership fee is nominal.  The group re-starts in September but if you want any information please ask Kristine Kilgour, Elma Leith, Betty McAllister,  Linda Wilson or Alison Bradley.  Or contact us through our Facebook page

Community Affairs

Reading Rooms

Since our last article in the Spring Edition we have been quietly carrying out some essential preliminary work with the Mitchell Trust, prior to the procedure of preparing the organisation for formal charitable status. We have found that such status has become almost a pre-requisite in qualifying for the substantial grants needed for us to complete plans for refurbishment and modification projects.

We would like to thank all our various users of the Reading Rooms for their continuing support. In the Spring, we announced the opening of the Children’s Library, which involves parents as much as the children.

Another initiative which brings people together is the Kippen Cuppa, which takes place on a Thursday afternoon from 2 to 3.30, managed by Ali Thom.

Mike Flint has continued with his film series, and we are very pleased that all of these activities, together with Keep Fit and ‘The Rural’, utilise the Rooms for the very purpose for which they were built – bringing people together.

Earlier in the year, the defibrillator was successfully applied, and it is hoped to have another instruction session run by the Loch Lomond and Trossachs Mountain Rescue Group. Following the incident mentioned in the Spring edition, some lessons were learned, as a result of which it has been planned that an external light will be installed shortly, which should enable easy access to the equipment at night-time.

Over the last 14 months just over £22,000 has been spent on major repairs and maintenance. That work is now very largely complete, and it is hoped to start the second phase of upgrading the kitchen and other facilities as soon as funds become available from grant sources.

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Management Committee, it became clear that material increases in electricity, and other maintenance charges, make it necessary to increase the hourly charge for using the Reading Rooms – the first increase for four years.

These increases are modest in size, and still make the Reading Rooms good value for meetings, functions and parties.

Jeremy Gaywood



Community Affairs


One Journey, Many Roads

“Companions on the Road”

The Annual Gathering of the Guild will take place in Dundee on Saturday, 7th September.  This event is worth a visit.  If interested, please contact Joanna by Monday 19th August for a ticket (free).

Tuesday 10th September at 2.00 p.m.  “Sweet Harmony”

                                                                  Barber Shop Chorus from Falkirk

In Kippen Church, Fore Road, Kippen, for everyone interested, bring your friends.
Admission by donation.

All men and women are welcome to attend Guild meetings held at 2.00 p.m. on the following dates in Kippen Church House (attached to the Church in Fore Road):

Tuesday 8th October  – “Cambodia and Vietnam Sojourn” – John Anderson

Tuesday 12th November

Tuesday 26th November

Tuesday 10th December – Christmas Lunch – time and venue to be confirmed

Further information is available from Joanna M. McPhail 01786 870681 or

Joanna McPhail