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Kippen Curling Club 2017-2018

British Curling in Pyeongchang provided lots of excitement and a degree of disappointment. But in Kippen the season closes after some needle matches; some despondency over unlucky stones and lost ends but satisfaction in pleasing results and trophies won. With 30 playing members participating in club and district matches there has been plenty action. Members have enjoyed playing on the new National training ice, although the noisy exuberance of the Peak ice still appeals. We offer a warm welcome to curlers who move into the village or to anyone who would like to try their hand at sliding a curling stone along the ice. There are also opportunities to help with wheelchair curling. Our new season starts in September and ends in March. For further information contact Kirsty Cuthbert, Secretary, 01786 870347

Community Affairs

Local MSP backs community calls for speed reduction throughout village

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has backed calls from members of the local community in Kippen to extend the 20mph zone outside the school on Main Street to the whole of the village.  

Individual members of the community as well as the Community Council contacted Mr Crawford with concerns over dangerous traffic speed coming into the village. Mr Crawford has written to the Chief Executive of Stirling Council to raise these concerns and to call for 20mph zones to be extended to the rest of the village.  

In this letter, Mr Crawford said: 

“I understand that Kippen currently has 20mph flashing signs outside the school on Main Street, which are utilised during school times. However, I am advised there is an increasing issue with traffic speed on Main Street, particularly with vehicles coming into the village from Fintry. I am told these are approaching dangerous speeds, and the local community are fearful of a serious incident taking place.” 

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said: 

“20mph zones have the capacity to greatly improve road safety for drivers and for pedestrians and I fully support what the local community in Kippen is trying to achieve.  

“20mph zones are rightly used around school areas as well as at designated times in areas where young children are likely to be crossing roads. However, we must look to protecting other vulnerable people in our communities as well and reducing speed limits on local village roads will certainly help to do this. 

“According to the Scottish Government’s in Town Slow Down campaign, someone is stopped for speeding in Scotland every 11 minutes. There is a worrying rate of people who admit to not giving the road their full attention when on their way to or from work and driving through built up areas. 

“We must raise awareness of these dangers, but we must also do what we can in built up areas to reduce the speeds that people are allowed to drive at, and I am grateful for members of the local community in Kippen for pushing for exactly this.” 

Community Affairs

Flowers Tubs

Naomi and Fiona would like to thank the Street Fayre Committee for their very generous donation to the upkeep of the tubs at the Cross.  We are very touched that local groups support us in this way and it allows us to keep the show going all year round.


The pansies are looking happier and the bulbs are emerging in this very welcome Spring sunshine. It’s been a long Winter so let’s look forward to a blazing Summer!
There is a box on the counter in McNicolls’s, so if anyone wants to know what to do with their loose change, pop it in the box please.

Many thanks to all who support us.
Naomi and Fiona

Community Affairs

Kippen Parish Church Guild

“Be Bold, Be Strong” – “Go in Love 
The Stirling Presbyterial Council Annual Summer Rally will take place in the North Parish Church, 70 Springfield Road, Stirling FK7 7QW, on Thursday, 31st May at 7.00 p.m. 

Please contact Joanna 01786 870681 regarding  


The Guild Annual Gathering will take place in Dundee on Saturday,
1st September.

This event is worth a visit.    

Further information and free tickets are available from  

Joanna M. McPhail 870681 or 

Community Affairs

Woodland Group

The Kippen Community Woodland Group has been awarded a Community Grant from Stirling Council, which will be used to pay for clearance of the pond in Burnside Wood by means of a mechanical excavator. Clearance is planned to be carried out late autumn before hibernation and when life in the pond is dormant. Work started on our February Woodland Morning to remove saplings from the Eastern edge of the pond, creating space to deposit material removed from the pond. Further work is planned to facilitate the clearance work, including lowering the level in the pond later in the year.


The pond in Burnside Wood was originally created with a puddled clay base for use as a curling pond. Being man-made, the pond does not have a natural balance between water and plants, and if left to its own devices, the plants would totally cover the area, trees would begin to encroach and the pond would gradually disappear. Regular rotational clearance is required to prevent succession and to maintain open water, enabling frogs, toads, newts, ducks and dragonflies to thrive, and plants such as Greater Spearwort to grow.

Two-thirds of the pond were cleared 5 years ago and the vegetation is already starting to take over. It is intended to remove a further third of the vegetation before it gets too overgrown; not only is this easier, but it also minimises the impact on wildlife with areas of vegetation left undisturbed.

If you would like further information about the pond clearance or would like to join us us on our of our woodland mornings (held on the first Sunday or each month excluding July and January), please email

Paula Watson

Secretary, Kippen Community Woodland Group

Community Affairs

Rural Bus Service Pilot

Service C12A – Balfron Early Evening Bus (Balfron – Buchlyvie – Kippen –Gargunnock – Stirling) 

The service is being trialled in response to community consultation. The service commenced 

in December 2017 and was due to finish in March 2018 but has now been extended until 18 August 2018. Please look out for flyers in your local area. Visit 

Balfron Early Evening Service-2