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GDPR is coming May 2018 – Is your business ready?

The date for your diary is 25 May 2018. The topic is General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR). This new legislation will apply to all businesses which collect personal data. The first key transparency requirement under the GDPR is the right to be informed.

Under GDPR a company must communicate the following information in clear and plain language to the individual when their data is being collected or if it is collected through another source, within a reasonable period:

  • Name and contact details of your company
  • Your purpose and lawful basis to collect and process data
  • What type of data you collect
  • How you collect and store data securely
  • How long data is retained
  • If applicable, details of any data transferred to any third countries or international organisations
  • How individuals can view their information you hold and how they can remove their information
  • Review and changes to the privacy policy details

 If you are a public body, large data processor, or if your company collects personal data from a source on an individual’s behalf there is additional information you must provide. For this information or if you are worried about the upcoming GDPR regulations you can access many free resources at

Jenn McArthur, Data Protection officer at STEP


Business News

Interested in becoming a ‘Dragon’?

Wallace Equity is looking for investors to help back Scottish start-ups and early growth businesses. The Stirling investment group want to double the number of existing investors of 25 so that more money is available to support Scottish businesses and entrepreneurs.

Start-ups and SME’s are feeling the pinch since funding is becoming increasingly low amongst new businesses. The network of current members back qualifying businesses across Scotland – with an investment ranging from £20k to £500k across many sectors. The aim is to increase investment by 60% as it recruits fellow investors. Much like Dragon’s Den, Wallace Equity members listen to pitches from pre-vetted businesses and ask questions to understand whether the company would be worth investing in.

Wallace Equity member and Kippen resident Gordon Bell said:

“Small businesses are the heart of Scotland’s economy. All the big companies we think about started small and needed capital to get where they are now. If we can help get a small Scottish business to where they need to go and make some money at the same time, it’s a win, win.”

This is an exciting opportunity to invest in some great businesses. To find out more email: