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Burnside Wood

Kippen Community Woodland Group would like to thank all those who visited our stall at the Street Fayre to find out a little bit more about what we do and to contribute to our work by guessing how many wood chips were put into the box; 365 wood chips were counted into the box – the winner of the hamper was only 3 out.

If you missed us at the Fayre, there is always the opportunity to join us when we are next in Burnside Wood on the morning of Sunday 5 August. For those whose are unaware, Burnside Wood is a community woodland, with the Eastern part originally common grazing and the Western part gifted to the community by Steven Mitchell of Boquhan. We are lucky to have the wood on our doorstep and it provides a fantastic conservation, recreation and educational resource for residents and groups within the village such as the Kippen Playgroup, 1st Carse Cubs and the Primary School.

Being owned by the Community, there should be a good incentive to use it in accordance with the Outdoor Access Code. Sadly, it appears this is not always the case, particularly in an area in the middle of the wood where a “Fort” has been constructed. The area is often strewn with cans, bottles and broken glass. We would like to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of the following requirements of the Code:

Take away all your litter and take particular care not to drop things like bottles, cans or plastic bags as these are unsightly and can injure children, dogs and wildlife.

  • If you wish to light an open fire, keep it small, under control, and supervised – never light an open fire during prolonged dry periods or in areas of the wood where damage can be easily caused.
  • If you are caught short in the wood and need to relieve yourself, do so at least 30 metres from open water or burns.

It has been noted that open fires have been lit at the ‘Fort’ during the dry spell and left smouldering unsupervised. A large number of bottles, cans & plastic wrappers have been uplifted from the ‘Fort’ by the Woodland Group, including a number of smashed bottles which pose a major risk to dogs and children who wander into the area, not to mention those who clear them up!

If the requirements of the Outdoor Access Code continue not to be complied with, consideration will be given to dismantling the ‘Fort’ to deter people from gathering and littering the area.  All litter left in the wood has been carried in, so it should not be too much to ask that it be taken back out when leaving the wood. Perhaps parents should have a word with their youngsters?

Kippen Community Woodland Group (

Paula Watson

Secretary, Kippen Community Woodland Group

Community Affairs

Kippen Quilters

During the 2017-2018 quilting sessions we had a wonderful year.  We have created beautiful patchwork quilts on Saturday mornings in the Reading Rooms and at home.  As many of you know the group collectively made a lovely charity quilt which was raffled at our Quilt Show on 27th May.


We would like to thank everyone who came along to the quilt show to see the most recent quilts made by the ladies and to enjoy tea, coffee and a cream scone.  The charity quilt was “house themed” in lovely blue shades.   Each of the ladies in the group made a patch, these were stitched together to create the beautiful quilt.   The quilt was raffled at the show and was won by Susan, Diane Loutitt’s sister.  I am sure you will love it in your home Susan!

Our ladies worked hard on the day of the show and it proved a great success.  We managed to raise £430, most of which will be donated to a local charity.  This charity will be decided in September when we start our new session.

Our Saturday group is an opportunity for quilters to get together and create patchwork.  We enjoy sharing our common interest through show and tell, and having a wee blether.  We have no regular teacher and tend to support and help one another when necessary, we work on items of our own personal choice so there is always a variety of patchwork going on.

Once again people of Kippen, thank you for coming along and supporting us.

The  Quilting Ladies of Kippen Reading Rooms.

Community Affairs


One Journey, Many Roads

“Seeking the Way”

The Annual Meeting of the Guild will take place in Dundee on Saturday, 1st September.  This meeting is worth a visit.  If interested, please contact Joanna by Monday 20th August for a ticket (free).

All men and women are welcome to attend Guild meetings held at 2pm on the following dates in Kippen Church House (attached to the Church in Fore Road): –

Tuesday 9th October – G. Scott, Watch Manager, and C. Haughton – Balfron Retained Fire Unit

Tuesday 13th November –  “Unpacking the Dyslexia Suitcase” –  Fiona Macdiarmid

Tuesday 27th November – Speaker to be confirmed

Tuesday 11th December – Christmas Lunch – time and venue to be confirmed

Further information is available from Joanna M. McPhail 01786 870681 or


Community Affairs

Kippen Playgroup

Kippen Playgroup has had an incredibly busy and successful 2018 so far, with lots of the local children enjoying the benefits of learning outdoors with our wonderful Play Leaders Heidi and Pam.  The scorching weather has only enhanced the fun and will no doubt lead to the children having very high weather expectations for future years!  No need to burst their bubble, they’ll realise what our summers are usually like, all in good time.  The children are busy most sessions up in their newly named “Monkey Camp” at the frog pond; making clay faces, building dens, pressing flowers and doing as many different imaginative things possible with the humble stick. Our diminutive crew are really enjoying making the area their own and can be frequently heard from over a great distance with their laughing and screams of unbridled joy…hope everyone nearby is enjoying that!

For our end of year celebration, the children went on a bear hunt through the woods and then retired back to Monkey Camp for a campfire and some marshmallows.  We say goodbye to a few of our children as they head off into the big bad world of Primary education and we wish them all the best for their future.

Kippen Playgroup is about to break for the summer but if you are interested in enrolling your child for next term, then please get in touch with Heidi Docherty via During term time we run two Playgroup sessions per week: Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30-12pm. Two years to pre-school welcome.

Kippen Street Fayre was a fantastic day for all and our incredibly popular bottle stall raised the mammoth amount of £1100!   Thank you to everyone in Kippen for your generosity in donating bottles and visiting the stall on the day, it’s a huge amount of money for our organisation and will be a great help in keeping a valuable local service running.

Kippen Toddlers will be meeting throughout the summer holidays, but we will be looking to get together outdoors whenever possible, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates about where we will be.  Toddlers is on a Thursday 10:15 – 12 and we welcome children from birth to pre-school and adults in any state of sleep deprivation.

Community Affairs

Day in the Woods

The Primary 6 and 7 classes recently ran an Outdoor Learning Day as part of their work this year. They started their John Muir Award work whilst on their residential week at Lendrick Muir in September. When they returned to School, the children worked together to explore and preserve their own wild space, Burnside Wood. The children consulted with the Kippen Woodland Group, who came in to speak to all the children about their work in preserving our wild space for the whole community. The children were keen to make this project an ongoing activity throughout the School year, threaded through their Community Matters IDL topic.

Day in the Woods Photo 2

They came up with the idea of running a whole day event for the rest of the School in the woods so that the other children of our School could experience the type of activities that they had undertaken whilst on their residential, as well as highlighting their knowledge and experience of their own woods. Everything that went into their day was led and organised by the John Muir students. They ran a number of activities: Campfire Food Making at the Coup, Tree Identification, Pond Dipping, Mystery in the Woods, Sensory Walk and Games and even Tai-Chi! It was a wonderful day and enjoyed by all the children and wider Kippen community. Due to all their hard work over the year, they were recently awarded the John Muir ‘Explorer’ Award.

“I really enjoyed running the whole event. Being in the woods with everyone, there’s nothing like it!” Evie, P7

“Running an activity during our Day in the Woods really made me feel confident about leading activities in the future.” Beth P7

“I had so much fun!” Ava P7

“I really enjoyed coaching all the other children in the School and passing on my expertise!” Charis P7

John Muir Awards


Community Affairs

Kippen Street Fayre 2018

This year the school was represented by a display with an Eco theme. Pupils from Primary 6 and 7, who had completed their Junior John Muir Award, were on hand with a display showcasing their work, including fact files and woodland poetry which they recited at our recent ‘Day in the Woods’. Primary 5 and 6 pupils had been learning about the dangers of plastic litter, especially to marine life, and had made two collages depicting this; ‘The Saddest Mermaid’ and ‘Journey to the Sea’. On sale this year were some Eco sandwich wraps which are designed to cut down on the need for unnecessary daily plastic bags. The P7 pupils had been creative in decorated canvas bags and these proved popular at the event too.

Kippen Street Fayre

Community Affairs

Citizenship Awards 2018

Citizenship Awards

The Sports Achievement Cup, donated by Tom Connelly, is voted for by all the pupils in the School. This year’s winner was Murray Robb, who had demonstrated a high level of skill in Kayaking and has recently been promoted into Division 1, which is a great achievement for his age. Murray was part of a duo alongside Ross Claydon who earned Kippen a remarkable 2nd place in the Scottish Schools Slalom Kayak/Canoe Championships in June.  Murray has also been a member of the School’s football team and a great ambassador for sport in general. A Highly Commended certificate was awarded to Caitlin Bradwell in recognition of her achievement in Cross Country, where she has competed at Stirling, regional and national levels, as well as being an integral part of netball and lacrosse teams in School.