Community Affairs

DRT Service to and from Kippen

DRT (Demand Responsive Transport (‘Taxi’ Service)) is organised in rural areas where commercial or conventional bus operators are unable to provide bus services. You can use this service at the cost of a bus fare rather than a taxi fare. National Entitlement Cards (Bus Passes) are accepted. The DRT must be booked the day before you wish to travel.

At present residents from Kippen can use it if they wish to go directly to Fintry as Fintry has no bus service. Fintry residents can use it to Kippen or Arnprior to connect to the B12 service.

However as the B12 route is a commercial route the DRT cannot be used to directly connect to other villages. E.g. in order to access villages that have no bus service e.g. Gartmore, Drymen, Croftamie, Balmaha etc. at present you need to get a B12 bus from Kippen to Balfron having previously booked the DRT from Balfron to the village you wish to visit, returning by the same system.

One exception is from January 2017-you will be able to book the DRT between 7 – 9.30 a.m. on a Saturday morning from Kippen or Buchlyvie in order to connect to one of the 3 early buses leaving Balfron for Glasgow. This will help passengers who previously used the 9.00 leaving Stirling on a Saturday morning to go to Glasgow. After 9.30 a.m. and for your return journey you would revert to using the normal B12 timetable.

Numbers are:
DRT Line: 01786 404040 (9am to 3pm)

If Booking Directly with Companies:
Crescent Cabs _ _ _ _0800 756 3069
Drymen Taxis _ _ _ _ _ 01369 660 077