Community Affairs

Kippen Community Woodland Group

If you go down to Burnside Wood, Kippen you will be in for a pleasant surprise. The main path between the football pitch and pond has been widened, with the drainage and surface of the path improved. This means that the path has become accessible to those in mobility scooters and prams. Walks have also become more sociable now that it is possible to walk two abreast.

The improvement would not have happened without a £1500 Community Paths Grant from Paths for All and £300 from Waitrose, which enabled the purchase of equipment and materials as well as the services of a contractor to be procured for a day. It definitely would not have been possible without 40 Kippen residents giving up their time on 1 October 2016 to move 20 tonnes of aggregate, ably assisted by Bobby Wilson of Stephen Paul Associates who loaded the aggregate into the wheelbarrows, making a tough day achievable. Under blue skies and sunshine there was a fantastic atmosphere in the woods and everyone worked incredibly well as a team wheelbarrowing and laying the aggregate, delivering a much improved path.issue-1-woodland-pjw-017

Behind the scenes, members of the Kippen Community Woodland Group worked hard hiring equipment and procuring materials and services, making sure that everything was in place for the volunteer day. On the day, members of the Kippen Community Woodland Group supervised the volunteers, helped out as required and provided refreshments to sustain all those involved.

Many thanks to those who contributed, we hope that you enjoy the much improved path.

To provide feedback on the path or find out more about the work of the Kippen Community Woodland Group, please email or find us on our Facebook Page.