Community Affairs

Parent Council

This year, the Parent Council has been raising funds for the school to buy electronic white boards for the classrooms. The current boards have reached the end of their lifespan and are no longer easy for pupils and teachers to use so they have been the priority for our fundraising efforts. Last year, the Parent Council raised enough to buy two new boards and the school bought a third but we still have two classrooms in need of the new equipment. Last year’s Community Christmas Concert funds were used to purchase the dragon memorial which pupils helped to design and create. This now has pride of place on the wall of the foyer at the school entrance.issue-1-parent-council

The recent Christmas concert raised over £1,000 for the school, as well as £250 for the Over 60s Christmas lunch 2017, and these funds will go towards hopefully being able to purchase a new board for one of the remaining classes which is still using the old equipment. We have regular fundraising activities throughout the year such as the cafe at the street fayre and the Christmas concert but we also run different activities throughout the year. This year’s fundraising has included pupil Christmas cards, jumble sale and school tea towels. We are hoping to have an obstacle course mud run in Spring 2017. We would like to thank all the parents and the wider community who support the school fundraising events throughout the year, as it would not be possible for the classrooms to have this equipment without everyone’s contributions of time and money to our fundraising.