Did You Know

Size Does Matter!

We are often subjected to all those videos of cute piglets and many shout “I want one!” But, WAIT… have you done your research? Those tiny piglets do grow up and some can weigh 18 stone… even 48 stone… I know… I have 2!

Issue #1 - Size does Matter - resized.pngI often post cute or funny pigtures on Facebook but, remember, it is just a moment… it is like owning 2 toddlers (except for the size but definitely the mentality). They are very inquisitive about everything and anything so when they are left unattended, outside their paddock, I always expect to find total destruction on my return… fences, buckets, anything not pinned down! They are very smart so if you don’t have their area secure…. They WILL find a way out!

No-one advised me at the time that if you get a female pig you should have them spayed… I am paying the penalty of that one… on a monthly basis. At 48 stone, Tammy Swinette can still outrun me on her hunt for boyfriend material!

The positives about owning a pig is their intelligence and willingness to learn… At 4 month’s old I taught Wilma (pot belly) to sit, give kisses, shut gates, play “Bang! You’re Dead!” and obviously how to ride a skateboard. Now at 18 stone she has retired from skateboarding, but still sits and plays dead (although takes longer to get back up… I know that feeling).

All in all, pigs are great pets if you have the space, however I wouldn’t recommend keeping them in the house like the craze that is sweeping America… they like to root, they like dirt, they like their own space… can’t imagine keeping a couple of bulldozers parked in my living room… well actually, if you know me, I could!

Ali Thom, Arnbeg