Community Affairs

Stirling Civic Trust

“We who live or work in or around Stirling are exceptionally fortunate to have the buildings and landscape we have inherited. The concern of Stirling Civic Trust is quite simply that we should bequeath a comparable legacy to our successor”.

This statement is on the home page of the Stirling Civic Trust website ( and summarises what we are about. We are only one of over 100 other Civic Trust bodies in Scotland, all affiliated to the Scottish Civic Trust, and who co-operate with other community bodies in their area, with similar goals.

Here, in Kippen, we have attended Community Council meetings on matters of the village amenities and made representation to the Stirling planning authority regarding these concerns when we felt this would be of benefit to the village.

At the centre of these efforts is the need to demonstrate that the Civic Trust contributes to “BETTER PLACES FOR PEOPLE TO LIVE” – not necessarily related to buildings or architecture – spaces also qualify. In fact, many or most projects developed around the country by Civic Trusts involve changing derelict or underused facilities to “people friendly” areas.

If you have any concerns related to our objectives, please feel free to contact us to establish what can be achieved to resolve the issue.

Jack Sutherland Tel: 870699
Convenor and Secretary, Stirling Civic Trust