Bunty's Thoughts


Whit ye need

Punna self raisin floor
Punna currants an a haunfa o’ raisins
Quartera punna suet
Haufa pun granulatit sugar
Fower wee teaspoonsfa o’ mixed spice
A big pincha saut, some mulk

How ye dae it

Rummle up the hale jing-bang in the boul, addin a wee tate mulk so’s ye get a dough that’s stiff an no runny
Tim some bilin watter oot the kettle inty the fit o’ the basin an’
Spread the cloot oan top o’ the watter
Coup the hale o’ yur dough oot the bowl an’ on tae the cloot in the basin. Draw the coarners o’ the clootie gather an’ tie wi’ the string. Don’t tie the string too tight or the dumpling might burst efter swelling upan’ ye’d be in a hangaua mess. Noo ye’ve a big bag o’d dough about the size o’ a fitba. Next ye pit a plate in the fit o’ the big poat. Then ye gently lower the dumpling oan tae the plate.
Efter theat poor as much bilin’ watter intae the poat as will cover yur dumpling.
Efter a’ this cairry-oan ye’ll mibbe want a cuppa tea an’ a fag or evena wee dram. Anyway whitivvur ye dae don’t let the dumplin simmer fur mair than three-an-a-hauf hoors. Efter that time wheech it oot the poat an oan tae a plate. Peel aff the cloot an’ therr ye hauv a dish fit tae set afore a dizzen Rural Judges.