Bridge Club

In the last issue we described Cross Keys Bridge, whereby a select, but growing, few enjoy the twin delights of fine ale and a few hands of Bridge.   The offer to come and join us is still more than open – it’s even encouraged.  However, some folk have asked about lessons.

Having considered this a few of us, guided by our resident Guru – Stuart ‘broadband’ Thomson, are happy to run classes using the Scottish Bridge Union programme.   At present the best time for us would appear to be 7-9pm on a Thursday evening, and we could fit in a block of lessons in May and June, probably re-starting in mid-August.

If you would like to learn to play bridge or can play but would wish to undertake a structured course, all ages, all skills, only humour required,  please let me know and if there is enough interest we will set something up, you never know it might involve ale and wine as well!

Peter Singleton