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Ponderings from the Minister

‘Why?’  A common question in my life. It was my children’s favourite word for a while as they are young. Now their ‘Why?’ is more elaborate and a simple ‘because mummy says so’ no longer cuts it – nor should it. Their questions grow as they do and so do my questions as a mother.

‘Why?’ It’s a basic human question that drives our progress, our learning, our growth. Asking questions, discovering, and delving deep into understanding are all fundamentally human traits. We are hardwired to trial and error. Ever watch a young child learning to use a spoon? Hilarious and messy though it is, eventually a skill and understanding is gained. Remember learning to ride a bike or how to read?

Why, you may be asking yourselves, is this minister asking the question ‘why?’ Faith is also about asking questions, seeking answers, and wrestling with understanding. Faith, a little like learning to walk, cannot be learned from a set of instructions out of a book. While watching others can help us develop in faith, it is always a personal journey that NEVER ends.

I believe one of the most profound aspects of my walk of faith is that I am always on the GO being surprised and challenged. The firm foundation remains in Jesus, God with us on earth, but my relationship grows and develops every moment of every day. What a blessing that while God is the same yesterday, today and forever – God’s interaction with me is always calling me to grow and learn, never be satisfied with where I am and what has been before.

Why do I believe? The stories of Jesus in the Bible, the lives of the saints of the Church, the Spirit of God have touched my life and my heart, challenged me follow a way that leads to a fuller life here and now, knowing that the promise of eternal life awaits where joy will not end. God’s love has reached out to me in hardships, wonderment, relationships, words, silence, music, beauty, and while there are questions and doubts stirring within me there is always faith that God is with me, loving me as I journey in faith. I may never know the answers to every question, and that drives me crazy some days, however I know that seeking and searching are a gift from God who loves me.

Kippen Parish Church would love to welcome you to worship with us on Sundays when we gather at 11.15 am (except during July and August which is at 11 am).  All ages always welcome. Look out for Messy Church events on Sunday afternoons about once a month. Next Messy Church is in Aberfoyle Church Hall on 30th April from 2-4pm (look out for posters). Messy Church is organised fun and fellowship for all ages supported by people from several Carse churches. The afternoon includes singing, crafts, food, Bible stories, and prayers. Please look out for notices in the local paper, social media and noticeboards for further details about events at Kippen Parish Church and around the area churches.

The church also has an active Guild who meet from autumn to spring time and weekly coffee gathering (Wednesday 10.30-11.30 am) that meets after the Otago exercise class (Wednesday, 9.45 am, cost £2). We are also grateful to the community support of concerts and fundraising events that have taken place in Kippen Kirk.

As your parish minister, I am grateful to have found our way to this little slice of heaven on earth.

Blessings, Ellen

Rev. Ellen Larson Davidson
Minister of Kippen linked with Norrieston
Church of Scotland
Reg Charities: SC004286 (Kip) & SC028719 (Nor)

tel: 01786 871 249