Community Affairs

The Reading Room

Response from the village for the Reading Room Jumble Sales continues at a high level and we thank everyone for this essential support.

The committee are, subject to cost, planning to improve the ground floor layout by moving the kitchen to the rear of the building. An expanded kitchen, and better serving access will provide an upgraded facility for social events, for which the Reading Rooms are ideally suited (see picture).

Parties or other events for about thirty people fit well in to the main room, creating a great atmosphere.

Summer Ice, that rare and excellent game, has now been taken up by the Cubs, of which four troops have been heard, competing, amidst great shouts of laughter. Many thanks go to Ian Leith and Cameron Skinner for organising these events. We hope, also, that Kippen Primary School will be back next season.

Upstairs, there is a smaller room available for  meetings, and the committee are planning to refurbish three other rooms to provide accommodation for Kippen Heritage, Kippen Community Trust and for use by councillors, MP’s or other officials requiring space for ‘clinics’.

The Youth Club is, sadly, currently in abeyance, and the Reading Room continues to hold much of their equipment, presenting a storage problem. The continuing retention of this equipment is in the hope that the Club could be re-started. Any positive suggestions will be welcomed by the Chairman, Jeremy Gaywood, or Betty McAllister, our Secretary.

The booking diary is managed by Betty, and it is hoped that an on-line system might be devised, for the Reading Rooms, possible integrated with other village enterprises.

Jeremy Gaywood, RR Chairman