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Kippen Parish Church Guild

Kippen Parish Church Guild

“One Journey, Many Roads!”  –  “Companions on the Road”

All men and women are welcome to attend

Guild meetings held in Kippen Church House (attached to the Church).  
Unless otherwise indicated, meetings are held on Tuesdays.                 

14th January                2.00 p.m.

“Stories along the way: 
walking with the other”

Rev. Ellen Larson Davidson

11th February               2.00 p.m.

“Dr Graham’s Homes”

Jim and Maida Gibson

25th February               2.00 p.m.

“Patagonia to the Atacama – a long and wonderful journey” Roderick and Mary Lawson

Friday 6th March       2.00 p.m.

“World Day of Prayer”

Kippen Parish Church

Saturday 7th March  10.30 a.m. to 12 noon

Coffee Morning/Gift Day

10th March                   2.00 p.m.

“Health Care Chaplaincy and

Spiritual Care in NHS Scotland”

Mark Evans

Guild Projects:  This year Kippen Guild is supporting two

Projects:– (1) Faith in Young People – The Boys’ Brigade                                                                                   (2) World Mission – Teenage Mothers in Zambia

Further information is available from

Joanna M. McPhail 870681 or

Community Affairs

Kippen Playgroup, Babies and Toddlers

We must start by thanking everyone who came to, and helped with, our Christmas Market again this year – the amazing array of stalls, the delicious selection of home baking, the magical Santa’s Grotto and the record-breaking raffle helped us to raise over £3,600. We are an independent group who get all our money from fundraising, so this amount will be critical to help us continue into the next decade!

Despite the obvious celebrations at this time of year – our Hallowe’en party, Christmas party and visit to the Cumbernauld theatre – our kids have been equally excited by animals and mud in the last few months.

Our Playgroup children have formed close bonds with animals around the village and during a trip to Castle Rednock (whether the animals wanted it or not!) – ponies, donkeys, chickens, birds and, obviously, the dinosaurs of Kippen woods. Any wildlife residing in the woods or Church garden has been disturbed quite regularly on Tuesday and Friday mornings with games of hide and seek, rolling down hills and investigating their habitats. In other news, mud depths reached new heights recently and easily managed to breech welly boots, much to the delight of the kids (and horror of those cleaning them up afterwards). Hosepipes had to be used….

With increasing amounts of research being published about the benefits of outdoor play, we are so grateful our kids can enjoy exploring the natural environment, with the support of Morna and Pam. If your 2-5 yr old would like to join the fun on a Tuesday and/or Friday (9.30am – noon), please get in touch via to arrange a free taster.

Babies and Toddlers welcome anyone under 5, with their parent or carer, to come to the Village Hall on a Thursday (10.15am – noon) to explore new toys, have a healthy snack and give their adults a break from any cabin fever that might be setting in, over tea and cake. Please join us!

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Community Affairs

Primary School

P1, 2 and 3 Nativity

The 2019 Kippen Primary Nativity was called ‘Everyone Loves a Baby!’ Pupils had lots of fun performing this upbeat Christmas Nativity and enjoyed learning the lyrics, lines and dance moves. They told the story of six children who live with their parents, two kind innkeepers who have just had a new baby. The children were also involved in designing programmes, posters and tickets for the performance. We are very proud of all the pupils who worked hard for many weeks before it. Thank you to all who attended. We hope you enjoyed it!

I liked all the costumes, especially the camel costume. (Jamie)

The nativity was really good, and we all tried to sing nicely. (Emma)

I really liked the innkeeper song. (Campbell)

I was a bit nervous first but then I felt just fine. I liked being on the stage and doing all the actions. (Isla)

Nativity Photo

Primary 2/3 investigate owl pellets

As part of our work based on the story, ‘Owl Babies’, Primary2/3 dissected and investigated owl pellets.

We got to use magnifying glasses and microscopes to find out just what the owls had been eating. Using our identification chart, we think we spotted the jaw of a vole, some mouse bones and lots of other bits of fur and feathers. These were hungry owls!

“I enjoyed digging into the pellets and finding out what different things were in it.” – Harry

“It was great using the magnifying glasses. It made it easy to see all the little bones.” – Cara


Primary 3/4

P3/4 had a new class member this term – The Butterfly Lion! After reading the story, the children wrote to the lion keepers at the Safari Park to ask how to look after lions. As soon as the lion cub arrived, the children wrote instructions to explain how to take care of him. Having such an important, and cuddly, member of the class inspired the children to write poems, stories, posters and dances. They wrote news reports and carefully considered their own opinions about aspects of the story. Finally, they made models of the lion in clay to celebrate the end of an exciting term!

P3-4 Butterfly Lion 2P3-4 Butterfly Lion 1








In P5/6, our topic this term has been the Titanic.

We have been learning all about what life was like in 1912, how the Titanic was made, what happened on the journey, how the Titanic sank and what happened after the sinking.

We have investigated these questions through a number of activities such as building circuits to practice Morse code, creating timelines of the journey, re-enacting the journey through drama and even writing our own survivor diary entries. We have even had Titanic memorabilia sent to us from the Belfast Museum to help us understand how some passengers may have dressed.

Our favourite part of our topic was being able to build a 3D replica of the Titanic by designing our own shoe boxes to represent parts of the Titanic.

P6/7 Topic: The Global Village

We have been learning about our world through our topic ‘The Global Village’.

Through our topic, we explored numeracy, including fractions, percentages and graphs. We found out a lot of interesting things about the world we live in, and the similarities and differences between different countries.

“I liked doing all of the bar graphs. We all got a different topic such as religion, age, language etc. Mine was religion and I found out that there were many more religions in the world than I had thought.” Lomond

“I really liked doing my line graph because I had never done a graph where you could compare something over time and see the patterns as easily. Some of the results were quite shocking. There are a lot of chickens in the world!” Ailie

We even used our lines graphs, which showed sunset and sunrise over the year in Kippen, to create an art project which showed our changing seasons and how the world outside changes across the year.

We also used science to help us to explore challenges in some countries, such as finding fresh water.

“We had very dirty water and we all had to get into groups to make the water clean by making filters from different materials. The materials which worked best were the cotton wool and paper towels. I think that this was because they didn’t have any big gaps in them, so they caught all the dirty bits in the water.” – Emily

Through art we explored diversity by creating our own versions of the ‘Diversity Hands’ painting.

“We had to look at our hands and try to copy them in pencil. After that we created a good copy and added detail, then coloured them in using lots of different colours of pencil. I think that the message of this was that you are the same no matter what colour you are.”

p67 water filtration






Community Affairs


RainbowsLast October Rainbows has started in Kippen. For those who are not aware of what Rainbows is, it is part of the Girlguiding organisation and is for girls age 5 to 7. The meetings are held in the Village Hall on Wednesdays, during school term time, from 4.30pm until 5.30pm

From the beginning there has been a strong interest from girls in the village, the group has already got 9 members and we are hoping more girls will join us in the new year.

During the meetings the girls work towards badges. This first term we have been working and completing our Drawing and Storytelling badges. A few of the activities the girls have undertaken have been drawing a big Rainbows banner, drawing themselves full size and making sock puppets to tell stories.

Rainbows would not be possible without the support of the girls’ parents and guardians helping at meetings and behind the scenes. I would like to thank everyone who has helped so far for their help and support to make this first term a success.

We have got loads planned for next term and if your daughter might be interested in joining Rainbows please contact me at any time via email

I have started this Rainbows group by myself and am very grateful that I now have two young helpers joining me in making Rainbows in Kippen a success. However, the group would really benefit from a regular adult volunteer who would like to become a unit helper. Please contact me if you would like to discuss what this would involve.

Jolanda McNeill



Community Affairs

Kippen Community Woodland Group

It has been a productive end to the year for the Kippen Community Woodland Group.

At our Annual General Meeting, Keith Maplethorpe was welcomed as our new Chair. We are grateful to Keith for being willing to take on this role and for Karen Dekker and Paula Watson continuing as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

The last woodland morning of the year saw us installing marker posts for the Primary School Easy Orienteering Course. This should enable the School to build on the success of their October orienteering event. It is intended to install the remainder of the posts in Burnside Wood in the New Year.

For those who would like to join us, we will continue to work in Burnside Wood on the first Sunday morning of each month, meeting at the football pitch at 10.00. Gloves and tools are provided, just wear something that you do not mind getting muddy. A WhatsApp group has now been established to make it easier to arrange ad hoc work with those who find it difficult to make the Sunday mornings. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the WhatsApp or work morning email group.

Paula Watson

Secretary, Kippen Community Woodland Group


Community Affairs

Kippen Over 60s Christmas Dinner

A large party- 69 guests and many volunteers – gathered in Kippen Village Hall on Monday 2nd December for the 61st Christmas Dinner.

Mary Lawson and Ellen Larson Davidson opened the afternoon. Cameron Skinner and his team once again provided a much- appreciated banquet, catering for various dietary requirements. John Burns and Billy Hutton provided the entertainment and dancing was enjoyed. The Diamond Anniversary commemorative photo book and slide show were on display. A huge raffle took place and the afternoon ended with Auld Lang Syne and a vote of thanks from Liessa Allan.

The Hall and Christmas tree were beautifully decorated thanks to the parents and children of the Playgroup and Toddlers group. Many thanks to McNicolls Store, Sheree hairdressing, Rhubarb  Lime, the Woodhouse, Twine, the Cross Keys, the Inn at Kippen, Simon Littlejohn, Kippen Church and Balfron Church Lunch Club for donating supplies and raffle prizes, as well as all the local clubs and societies and individual donors, too many to record. The Hall Committee are thanked for use of the Hall, which was very cosy. The committee thanks all those who so happily served, washed dishes, organised the bar, transported guests, photographed the event, delivered invitations and fundraised throughout the year.

Lastly, thanks to the guests who came prepared to have a good time and make this such a wonderful community event.

Tracy Hepburn

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