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Welcome to issue 3 of The Wee Vine

Many thanks again to all our contributors and the team involved in the production of The Wee Vine.

This issue features the annual Kippen Street Fayre, an update on the Kippen Kirkyard Project and Kippen Heritage.

We also have a report from our football team and 1st Kippen Brownies.

For wine buffs, there is an article from Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott on Making Wine from Kippen’s famous ‘Big Vine’.

Two new events are mentioned in the events section so make a date in your diary.

We had a number of entries for the Kippen Seats Competition, winners announced inside.

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Special Feature

Kippen Kirkyard Project

First of all, apologies for the omission, in the last edition of The Wee Vine, of the 1859 eulogy to James Kay composed by J. S. Dunn of Arngomery. It is now included following this article.

Work in the Kirkyard was somewhat hampered in late Spring by the presence of contractors building the bus shelter and using the entrance area for storage and cement mixing, so the first task on their departure was to clear up the debris left by them.

The above process exposed, what was initially believed to be a coping stone dislodged from the entrance wall, a memorial stone with an inscription to the memory of Duncan Robertson and his wife Mary McGrigor, dated 1830! Unfortunately, as a result of years of having been lying, partially buried, in a direct route from the gate, the inscription is barely readable but archive material has identified that they lived in Arnprior and that two further Robertson burials followed in the same lair in 1892 and 1903.


In a similar vein one of the Kippen Heritage group was playing bridge with a Ms Fairlie who mentioned her forbears lived in Kippen (Loaningfoot), and had connections with the Aikman family. Coincidentally ‘Aikman’ is recorded as occupying lair No. 1 but there is no longer a stone in that position. Further on-site investigation has discovered the Aikman grave slab, dated 1786 several yards away; it appears to have been moved perhaps to protect it during slate removal on the Smiddy roof as a quantity of discarded slate was uncovered where the stone should have been!

As stones, long buried, are uncovered we are always very interested to know if anyone has any knowledge or information about the deceased, therefore we will continue to report any discoveries in The Wee Vine and be available to visitors to assist in locating memorials as was the case recently when Canadian visitors arrived at the Kirkyard.

Dale and Anita Galbraith searching for Galbraith stones with Dale's brother

Dale and Anita Galbraith from Canada, on holiday with Dale’s brother who now lives in
Texas, were pleased to gain access to Kippen’s historic kirkyard. They were researching their family history and looking for graveyards where ancestors named Galbraith were buried. They had come from Culcreuch Castle Hotel, the ancestral seat of the Scottish clan Galbraith for over 700 years where it was suggested to them to explore Kippen’s kirkyard. It was not to disappoint. A relevant stone was quickly located. Subsequent research by a Kippen heritage group member revealed a further significant number of Galbraith burials. This information will be forwarded to the family in Canada.

These are 3 early examples to encourage the Heritage group as to the importance of the project, in its early stages, to restore the kirkyard and enable archive material to be matched with stones and made easily accessible to people both on site and across the world on line.

Irene Chapman & June Waley, Kippen Heritage

Special Feature

Lines on the Death of James Kay, Kippen

DIED 17th October 1859

What do I hear? Can it be true
That he has bid this world adieu
To dwell in one so fair?
And yet his footprints can be seen
Down by the turnings of the Green,
But he himself’s not there.

This morn he rose in usual health
And rich in love if not in wealth,
By noonday he was gone;
Now nothing but the clay is left,
The body is of the soul bereft,
For God has claimed his own.

He was beloved by old and young,
The very babe with lisping tongue,
Loved to pronounce his name;
For he, with his enchanting lyre,
Set youthful maidens’ hearts on fire,
And kindled love’s bright flame.

The young men too they did rejoice
Whene’er they heard his cheerful voice,
Or saw his smiling face;
Whene’er under his arm was seen
His little bag of darkest green,
They something then could trace.

But now his race on earth is done,
No longer will his fingers run
Along fair Scotland’s pride!
Alas! we never more will hear
His music that once charmed our ear,
It’s now laid too aside.

He now is free from care and pain,
We will ne’er see his face again;
But this we all can say –
It will be long before we find
Another with a heart so kind
As our friend, Jamie Kay.

J. S. Dunn, Arngomery

Galbraith family from Canada looking for their ancestors buried in the Kippen Graveyard.


Football in Kippen

Eagle eyed readers of the first edition of the Wee Vine will have noticed that there was an omission in the club’s section of the magazine with no mention of the beautiful game! Given the rich heritage of the game in our village we thought it only right and proper that we give a special focus on our national game and provide readers with all the information they need about our various clubs.

Kippen Football Club

The senior men’s team has been a fixture in the village since 1910 and has over many decades provided a focal point for football in the village. The side traditionally play in the summer Strathendrick League against all the other Stirlingshire village teams.  The club has had its ups and downs in recent years and indeed had a period of hibernation a few years back. The side is made up of a core of Kippenites with a few additional players providing a supporting cast when numbers are tight. The club is currently run by Craig McNicholl and will start the next season in May. Anybody wishing to play or support the club in any way should contact Craig on 07545 116792 The new season fixtures and results will now be published in the Wee Vine. Spectators are very welcome and details of fixtures can be found on the “Grapes” Facebook page.

Kippen Junior Football Club

Kippen Junior FC is a club run by a group of parents for all primary school aged children in and around the village. We currently have players from Buchlyvie and Fintry as well as from here in Kippen. Coaching is delivered by qualified coaches who are all PVG checked.

We run football once a week on Thursday evenings and occasional other events such as Summer Camp usually during the last week of summer holidays before the schools go back. The club has also taken kids on outings to see Premiership matches and to see Scotland play at Hampden Park. Football coaching is held at the football field, School multi court or in the village hall depending on the time of year. We are actively looking for committee members to keep the club going. Please contact us if you can help in any way!

Follow us on twitter@KippenJuniorFC and on Facebook

Kippen Sports Development Ltd

Kippen Sports Development  Ltd is a charity that was establish to raise funds and then to maintain the sports field that was bequeathed to the village by The Mitchell Trust. KDSL is a registered charity and works throughout the year to raise funds to help pay for the ongoing maintenance and development of this important community asset. Key contact Paul Goodwin 870910

Kippen Primary School Football Club

As part of the drive to  ensure schools football is back on the agenda at schools throughout Stirlingshire Kippen Primary school working with Active Stirling has now ensured that there is ongoing football coaching throughout the school year. Training for boys and girls is provided by a qualified pvg checked coach and occurs every Friday afternoon from 3.30-4.30pm.

During the last term before summer holidays the P5-7 boys enter the Small Schools Football and League and cup Tournament. This year they will be defending  both trophies that they won in 2016. (see picture of last year’s winning team)

Fooball club


Kippen Bowling Club

The bowling season in Kippen is well under way.  We have had some nice sunny days and evenings for playing and some not so nice!


A few new members have joined us and an invitation is extended to anyone who would like to come along and play with us on a Monday evening.  If you have never played before, tuition and help is freely offered.  We are a small but friendly club and we would love to see more new faces.

Just a reminder that the club is situated in Fore Road between the church and the village hall — on the same side as the church.

Agnes McLaren, 01360 850264



Bridge Club

Cross Keys Bridge Club meets every Thursday night – yes you’ve guessed it – in The Cross Keys.  All welcome irrespective of experience.  We find that counting and thinking improve with both age and alcohol!

Many folk think Bridge needs skill, intelligence and logic but we tend to find that wit, repartee and a sense of humour are far more important.


In September we are hosting a few novice pairs from the St Andrews club in Glasgow.  They seem very excited about coming out “to the country” and just as excited about being allowed to “bid and booze”.

Peter Singleton


Kippen Cricket Club

The Wednesday team season has, as of the end of June, reached its halfway point and so far we have only lost one match to the weather, which must be some sort of record. We did play one match against Stirling County down at the Meiklewood ground with thunderstorms all around and a fork of lightning providing illumination. The one match called off was the Kippen/ Gargunnock derby match for the Quaich trophy but this crucial match has been rearranged for the 27th August.

So far, though the team has played well in competitive matches, we always seem to come out at the wrong side of the results. The closest being when Kippen were chasing down the 150 scored by Doune and reached 149 on the final ball. The Kippen/ Gargunnock Sunday team have been struggling for players on a Sunday, so we are always interested in anyone free for friendly Sunday games. Please let me know, by text on my number 07798891729, or by email For the Quaich match we will need 22 players from Kippen and Gargunnock.

Sean Kelly, 07798891729