Special Feature

Lines on the Death of James Kay, Kippen

DIED 17th October 1859

What do I hear? Can it be true
That he has bid this world adieu
To dwell in one so fair?
And yet his footprints can be seen
Down by the turnings of the Green,
But he himself’s not there.

This morn he rose in usual health
And rich in love if not in wealth,
By noonday he was gone;
Now nothing but the clay is left,
The body is of the soul bereft,
For God has claimed his own.

He was beloved by old and young,
The very babe with lisping tongue,
Loved to pronounce his name;
For he, with his enchanting lyre,
Set youthful maidens’ hearts on fire,
And kindled love’s bright flame.

The young men too they did rejoice
Whene’er they heard his cheerful voice,
Or saw his smiling face;
Whene’er under his arm was seen
His little bag of darkest green,
They something then could trace.

But now his race on earth is done,
No longer will his fingers run
Along fair Scotland’s pride!
Alas! we never more will hear
His music that once charmed our ear,
It’s now laid too aside.

He now is free from care and pain,
We will ne’er see his face again;
But this we all can say –
It will be long before we find
Another with a heart so kind
As our friend, Jamie Kay.

J. S. Dunn, Arngomery

Galbraith family from Canada looking for their ancestors buried in the Kippen Graveyard.