Community Affairs

Primary 3 – Our Year

Primary 1/2 started their year with a writing project entitled ‘Fairyland’. This involved rewriting a few traditional tales and creating artwork for their own books.We started by looking closely at the bean plants in the grounds so that we could get the detail correct. The next project was ‘Little Star’ the school Nativity play and the children enjoyed playing various roles in this first performance.

We then moved on to ‘Farm to Fork ‘ to learn more about where our food comes from and the pupils were delighted with their trip to Tesco. They went behind the scenes to see how the bread rolls were made and also had a chat with the fishmonger to see where the fish came from.

Our final topic was ’MInibeasts’ and the children were fascinated by the facts about insects and other minibeasts. The children created some great minibeast habitats using an old shoebox and creating minibeasts from clay. For our school trip, we went to David Marshall Lodge and saw lots of midge flies as we went on our minibeast hunt!