Community Affairs

Public Transport

We are delighted to report that the following buses restarted on Monday 12th June.

10.10 Balfron to Stirling

15.55 Stirling to Balfron (previously 16.05)


08.10 Balfron to Stirling 

09.00 Stirling to Balfron 

BUT in order to keep these buses on the road and continue to improve this route we must use the service.  Concession holders play a big part in maintaining this service with two concessions equalling just over one adult fare, so the more concession holders that travel the better. If everyone with a bus pass travelled once or twice a week there would not be an issue with rural communities losing routes – in fact we would hope to get more services, so please give it a try.

Several people have raised the issue of no public transport on the B12 route on a Sunday. If this would make a difference to you or anyone you know please share your views with other passengers or bring it to the attention of the Community Council or your local Councillors.

Many people are put off travelling by bus because of the condition of our vehicles. We have been far too complacent in accepting poor quality buses and we now need to bring this to the attention of the Operator. Therefore, we urge passengers to help by reporting vehicle issues e.g. no heating, poor suspension, water coming in, anything that spoils your journey so that Balfron Depot can get better buses.

Please report directly to First Scotland East. Keep your ticket which will give the bus number and driver number at the bottom. This can then be reported online at First Scotland East using the mail icon or by ringing Larbert directly on 01324 602200. If after contacting First Bus you are unhappy with their response or failure to address your complaint then please don’t hesitate to contact Bus Users Scotland on 0300 111 0001 who will further pursue the issue. Hopefully in time these measures will gain us a decent rural public transport system.

This has been a long campaign and a particularly hard winter for B12 passengers. We owe a debt of gratitude to the many people who have been involved in this process and supported us but an extra special thanks must go to former local Councillor Ian Muirhead, Greig MacKay, Bus Users Scotland, David Brown and his team at Stirling Bus Station, Colin Cameron Balfron Community Council and finally to all the passengers who have had their lives turned upside down by the cuts to these vital services.

Thank you all.

Valerie Brand