Wee Vine Seats Competition.

The winner of the £20 voucher gifted by the Inn at Kippen is Raymond Ainslie pictured receiving his voucher.


Second place went to the Sullivan Family, who won Hug-A-Hog at Arnbeg Farm.



Competition Answers:

Seat No 1: Opposite Hairdressers in main street Sandy Spowarts Memorial

Seat No 2: Next to old curling pond Doris and Denovan Memorial

Seat No 3: Fore Road on left after Oakbank and just before Dalveen

Seat No 4: At the Fork in Cauldhame point end

Seat No 5: Top of Oakwood outside the old Police Station now called Fasgad

Seat No 6: Outside Football Pavilion Jack Dunlop Memorial

Seat No 7: As you enter Football park on right at top end of pitch

Seat No 8: Next to the path in the woods above Football pitch

Seat No 9: Bottom of Football pitch on right Will Johnstone Memorial

Seat No 10: On the right up Burnside just before turn off for gun club Doctor Campbell’s memorial

Seat No 11: On Burnside Road just after 30 mile an hour signs on the right