Community Affairs

Woodland Group

The Kippen Community Woodland Group has been busy. Since the last edition we have:

  • Planted 45 native trees, a mixture of oak, rowan and aspen
  • Opened up the viewpoint overlooking the fen
  • Removed the wooden structures from the old coup as these were rotting away and were no longer required now that garden waste is collected by the Council
  • Finished the surface of the main path between the football pitch and pond
  • Identified areas in the woods for the 1st Carse Cubs to use

Many thanks go to Wallis Weir for cutting back vegetation in the old coup, Bobby Wilson for moving aggregate and dust nearer to work areas and to all those who assisted the Group with improving the surface of the main path on 4 June.

We carry out work in the wood on the first Sunday morning of every month except for July and January. For further information find us on Facebook or


Paula Watson, Secretary