Kippen Flower Show

Flower show Poster



The annual Kippen Flower Show took place on 21 August this year.

A wonderful array of flowers, vegetables, baking and crafts filled the Village Hall. A mostly new team this year enjoyed planning and organising the show.

A few changes were made to the schedule; however, the main change was to move the day of the show to a Sunday.  It was suggested by some that little time was available to prepare their exhibits on a Friday evening.  This was particularly true for those who work throughout the week, consequently if the show was moved to the Sunday, Saturday would give them time to prepare and enable them to participate.  As the number of entries had been falling over the last few years, it was worth a try.  Entries did indeed increase this year, so the day change was clearly a success. Many thanks to those who helped.

The cafe was also very busy and looked charming with vintage tablecloths and jars of fresh flowers on the tables.  Delicious soups and baking were on offer. A big thank you to those who donated baking, there was a wonderful selection.

So…as the evenings draw in, order your seed catalogues and start planning your planting.  We very much look forward to seeing your entries in next year’s Show!

Joanne Lennon