Community Affairs

Lendrick Muir Residential 2017

The Primary 6 and 7 children recently went on their 3-night residential camp. They had a wonderful time in the beautiful surroundings of Lendrick Muir. They learnt new skills, faced their fears, worked co-operatively, supported each other, solved mysteries, boogied at the disco and ate the most delicious food. In fact, some of us found it extremely hard to say goodbye! A big thank-you to everyone who participated for making it such a memorable week. Here is a poem written by one of our P7 students, Caitlin Bradwell, reflecting on our time at camp.

My time at Lendrick Muir was amazing, one I’ll never forget,

The food was scrumptious, I had no need to fret

The activities were challenging, pushed me to my limit

I had so much fun, I wish I could revisit

And sleeping in dorms, it was a little crazy

Although the knowledge of staff, really did amaze me

I really enjoyed the tree climb, the leap of faith and more

And the John Muir Award gave me the chance to explore

I can now measure a tree, and tell if it’s thriving

Though nothing could beat the thrill of arriving!

I now feel more sure of myself, more eager to try new things

And currently, I’m full of grins!

So, for those who are going next year,

See it as a chance to conquer your fear

So long as you make the most of it and give it your all

I’m sure whatever you try, you’ll be sure to have a ball.

My time at Lendrick Muir was amazing, one I’ll never forget.