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Each of us has lots of memories, some are stronger and more vibrant than others. At times we can be caught off guard by our memories that come flooding back. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch can all bring memories and history right into the present.

Some of my memories are cherished ones like my grandmothers baking with me when I was a child, running in the prairie summer breezes, the stars in Black Hills night sky at church camp, songs of my youth, the first time I met my now husband, the smell of our new-born babies, and so many more. Some memories hold pain, hurt, shame and heartache – I know each of us have memories that some of us would rather not have.

The memories, the stories, my history, have formed and shaped who I have become. I know there is a part of me that has been there all along – my spirit, my essence, my spark. However, the intricacies of life, the people, the places, the experiences, become the beautiful patchwork that becomes our life. I am grateful for all that has shaped me up to this point in time. All the joys, sorrows, and even challenges, are part of my story.

In the midst of life and especially the hard times, it is hard to see where the journey of our days will take us, but I also know from speaking to many people that even in the hardest times glimmers of hope can be seen. These glimmers are often the kindness of others, the caring touch or word, help given, or even a simple smile, and help us to remember we are not utterly alone.

As a Christian, I believe that through it all God is with us. We even have a favourite story to tell of God being with us. It is a story we tell over and over again in Church. We remember it especially in December. The Bible is filled with memories of God’s relationship with the whole world and our story is being written within that ancient story. Our bit of the story is being lived in its own unique way. The songs we sing, stories we tell, caring ways we reach out, are becoming part of the beautiful patchwork of humanity’s history. And I believe that it is also weaving into the great God-story too, of how God so loved the world. As you remember, and journey forward in your life, may you know love and joy even in the midst of heartache and sadness.  Peace, Ellen.

Kippen Parish Church invites you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11.15 a.m.

We also have a few special celebrations and occasions coming up:

Messy Harvest on Sunday 22nd October at 3pm to 5 pm in Church House

Remembrance Sunday 12th November 10.50 am at the War Memorial then to Church for 11.15 am.

Messy Family Tree on Sunday 19th November, 3pm to 5 pm at Buchlyvie Church

No-Rehearsal Nativity (for young and young at heart) Sunday 17th December 11.15 am

Carols by Candlelight on Sunday 17th December at 7.00 pm

Messy Christmas at Gartmore Village Hall on Saturday 23rd December, 3pm to 5 pm followed by carols at Gartmore Church

Christmas Eve (Sunday 24th December) Morning worship at 11.15 am and Watchnight at 11.15 pm

Christmas Day Celebration of Song and Story at 10.00 am.

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