Community Affairs

Planning applications- Kippen

Occasionally planning applications submitted to Stirling Council (SC) are of interest, not just to neighbouring households, but also to the Village.  It is very easy to miss such applications or miss the SC deadline for comments.

For those on the Internet there is a simple way to keep up to date with the Kippen planning applications that SC is currently processing – simply ‘Google it’ (see below for details). This will reveal all the applications for the past year together with all the plans and other documents accompanying the applications.  If you do not use the Internet then you will have to travel to Teith House, Kerse Road (tel: 01786 233676).

Kippen Community Council (KCC) is notified, by letter from SC, of all Kippen planning applications.  The letter does not include the details but does include the application number which shortens the online search.  In future the KCC will alert residents to new planning applications by pinning these letters on the noticeboard outside the Village shop. When you buy your newspaper please check the noticeboard outside McNicoll’s Country Store as well.

The KCC would like to encourage residents to come to its monthly meetings where the planning applications received from SC in the previous month will be discussed. Although collectively the KCC has a wide base of knowledge about Kippen matters it welcomes added input from those directly or indirectly affected by a planning application.

For more information or to pass on your comments call Helen on 870672 or Jon on 870446.

The best way of finding the details of a planning application is to:

Google:  Stirling Council planning simple search

Either enter the 10-character application number given on the letter (ignoring the staff initials at the end)

or click on <Weekly/Monthly lists> then choose <Kippen Community Council> and <Ward 2 Forth and Endrick> for all the applications over the previous month. Happy hunting!

Jon Greenman