Rhubarb Lime

Rhubarb Lime.jpg

In May 2013 Shona and Greg Sanders opened “Rhubarb Lime”

RL? Inspired by “Blue Lemon” in Luzern; a favourite of Shona’s. Switzerland remains a favourite transit point for Greg and Shona en route to product quality testing in the Italian vineyards.

Shona has an eye for lovely gifts and attention to detail. Greg is an avid wine lover and sources unusual wines. Monthly wine tastings are a sell out.

After over four years the business has gone from strength to strength thanks to (i) a rapidly expanding and diverse customer base, (ii) excellent and loyal staff, (iii) providing an excellent customer experience, and (iv) quality, as opposed to chasing a price point, being the ethos (excellent bread and bacon).

Every order is freshly made. Home made soup, Margaret’s lovely macaroni, superb home baking and the best “Italian Aroma” coffee are just part of the attraction.

Rhubarb Lime is homely and has charm. Shona and her staff try to welcome customers as if they were being invited to their own homes. Greg will not sell a wine unless he’d happily serve to his guests at home.

The future?

Rhubarb Lime is a labour of love. Consolidate, keep welcoming customers and valuing that custom.

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