Community Affairs

1st Carse Cubs (Kippen)

1st Carse Cubs (Kippen), will start back on Tuesday 23rd January. Hope everyone had a fun New Year and Santa was good to you!   After a very successful 1st term we are looking forward to a busy schedule running up to Spring.

Our first outdoor camping experience was held on the 30th September at the Barrwood Scout campsite, on the road to Denny. Everyone had loads of fun; and the plan is to have another before the end of the school year.

Our Bonfire night, last year, was held on Tuesday 7th November at the Football Pitch. This was our big fund-raising event and was extremely successful again. Thank you for your support. It’s becoming a favourite event on the village calendar.

We raised more than £900 and were able to significantly help local charities and organisations. We donated money to the Village Hall, the Sports Field Development Fund, the Reading Rooms garden and we also gave money to the ladies who look after the flower pots in the village. We were going to give a donation to the Woodland Group, however, having talked to them we decided that the “Clubs” will spend that money on further renovation of the old coupe area. We will be able to clear out the bases of the concrete recycling bins that are there, as we found these to be ideal locations for the cubs to practice their camp fire building and marshmallow cooking. We are also planning to create more accessible paths and routes into this zone.

These activities and adventures that your children are having at their own back door do not happen without parental support. I am very lucky to be helped and supported by a likeminded group of guys. Our motto is, “If we’re having fun then so are the kids”. If anyone out there would like to come along and help we’d be delighted to have you.

The Beaver Colony in Gargunnock has now moved to Kippen and is currently being run by Annabel Gaywood and Ellen Larsen Davidson (the minister).

Please come along and help, it really can be fun, and your local pack does need you!

You can contact either myself, Derek Shanks, or Cameron Skinner or via email us at – or Annabel and Ellen individually.