Community Affairs

Christmas Fun at Kippen Primary

P1-4 Party


Santa made special visits to the P1-4 party and the P5-7 party at the end of term. All the children had a great time playing party games and joining in the social dancing. Everyone enjoyed cupcakes and juice from the Parent Council. Thank you to staff and parents who contributed.

P5-7 party


M7M productions visited Kippen Primary to perform The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a story which teaches us that kindness is more important than looks. The children were a superb audience who sat and listened so well. They enjoyed pick ‘n ‘mix sweets from the teachers during the performance – maybe that’s why they were so quiet?



Christmas Lunch

The catering department served 72 Christmas Dinners, with a total of 105 children eating lunch together in the School Hall. Thank you to the staff who helped serve the dinners, and to the children who helped the staff set up the hall. It was a lovely atmosphere in the hall. We finished lunch with a festive sing- song. Thank you to everyone who donated crackers, sweets and napkins.

Christmas lunch

Parent Council Community Christmas Concert

Once again, the Parent Council Concert Committee organised a lovely event at which all school children performed in groups of P1-3, P4-6 and P7. Individual and small group performers also entertained a very full Church. Well done to everyone who performed, donated, volunteered and joined us on the night. It always has such a lovely Christmassy feel. We were very proud of all of our performers. It was lovely to see some former pupils both performing and joining the audience. Thanks to Rev Ellen Larson Davidson for the use of Kippen Parish Church and for introducing the performers.


Carols singers at community concert