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Historical Enquiries

The Wee Vine is the recipient of some queries, unrelated to the magazine, but interested in aspects of Kippen’s history. A couple of these are included here – if anyone has any knowledge in these areas or can help the original sender, then please reply to the Wee Vine at enquiries@theweevine.org.

Firstly, Cleckhimin (or Cleckhnin). This was apparently a house towards the north-west of the village, close to the Dovecot at Laraben, where William Leckie Buchanan was born on 17/2/1793. His parents were James Buchanan and Helen McFarlane. This enquiry was accompanied by a photo of an old map, as shown here.

Secondly, the Boquhan Brickworks. We received a query from a gentleman who collects samples from all historical brick and tile-works in Scotland, but whose collection is singularly deficient in anything from here. A photo of the Works is shown, they were located behind the railway station (now the Brewery), as well as an outline of the plot occupied.

Stuart Thomson

VTRA00100 - Kippen Tile workers at Kippen StationBrickworksscreen_shot_2013