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Rural South West

Your Place, Your Priorities

Stirling Council is developing a place-based approach that will help us to plan, design, and deliver services differently around people, families and communities. Within the Rural South West area, the aim is to test a place-based approach. The learning will inform its introduction in other areas.

The first event was held in Balfron High school on 24th October. Individuals, community

organisations, local business, the Council, the Voluntary Sector and Partners (49 people) came together to discuss a place-based approach.

The purpose of the event was to:

  • Explore a definition of place-based approach for the Rural South West area.
  • Gain greater insight from participants about – Your Place – what groups, assets, facilities, and activities there are in each community.
  • Use information and knowledge available to discuss Your Priorities.

Need to Consider

  • Subcontracting integration
  • Infrastructure not growing with community
  • Commercial property being lost to housing

Rural South West Communities

Arnprior, Balfron, Buchanan, Buchlyvie, Carron Valley, Croftamie, Drymen, Fintry, Gargunnock, Kippen, Killearn, Strathblane

General Points

  • Needs to be simple
  • define community – Rural South West not descriptive enough
  • Communities are proactive with strong Community Spirit
  • Share best practice

Thoughts on Place Based

  • Place is where we derive meaning. It’s emotive, personal and connects with wellbeing and spirituality.
  • Partnership working to resolve community issues
  • Delivers on issues raised
  • Relationship between Council, groups, and Community Councils
  • Services being provided locally – local services for local people – services Village to Village

Communication is key

  • Addressing this would be a quick win
  • Communication needs to be clearer with 2 way feedback,
  • Use range of tools and connect to communities web pages, Facebook and local community newspapers,
  • Communication between communities
  • Communication from Community to Council
  • Consultation

Thoughts on Priorities

  • Stirling focussed priorities
  • Priorities are not local priorities, they are themes
  • Local priorities cannot be generalised, they have to be local
  • The next stage is to collate individual community issues

Your Place

You gave an insight into the groups, activities, facilities and assets in each village. We have now added this information which will be shared at the next session.

Your Priority

Older People

  • Transport to hospital
  • Information Communication
  • Activities, Clubs
  • Access to Hospitals/ Outpatients
  • Neighbourhood Model of Care

Transport & Environment

  • Public Transport
  • Bus Shelters
  • Timetable/Accessing
  • Connectivity – Types, Demand responsive transport (DRT)
  • Hospital – Patient & Visitor Transport
  • Roads, Pavements & Parking
  • Roads Maintenance
  • Paths – Cycle/Walking
  • Electric Travel Funding

Access to Services

  • Communication
  • Health
  • Broadband & Telecommunication Connectivity
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Library / Local Office
  • Public Toilets
  • Economic Development


Staying connected

To make sure everyone is kept informed please ensure we have your preferred contact details.

For further information contact:

Ian Denvir, Community Link Officer                         (01786) 233947