Welcome to issue 5 of The Wee Vine.

We are 1 year old, how time flies. Thanks to everyone involved in the production of The Wee Vine.

Once again, we thank our supporters who make it possible to publish your magazine. Also to the contributors.

In this issue we have a special feature from Torin Price who is volunteering in the Solomon Islands.

There is an update on the Kingsburn Windfarm Windfall plus events including Classics at Kippen, Pumpkins at Arnprior and the Vintage Market. There is more info on the Kippen Kirkyard Project as well plus all the news from our Primary School.

We were hoping for more club events but all we have are the Curling, Golf and Bowling Clubs.

There is a lot happening in Kippen so we need your stories (with Pictures. Min 1 MB) as soon as possible or you will miss the deadline which for the next issue is 31 March. If we cannot fit everything in the printed version it will appear on the website – https://theweevine.org

Your feedback about the Wee Vine is important to us so please get in touch with your comments/ideas for this year.

Send to enquiries@theweevine.org   If you wish to donate go to https://theweevine.org/donations/

Copy deadline for the next issue is 31 March

Cover photograph supplied by Ali Thom

Front cover for wee vine