Community Affairs

Local MSP backs community calls for speed reduction throughout village

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has backed calls from members of the local community in Kippen to extend the 20mph zone outside the school on Main Street to the whole of the village.  

Individual members of the community as well as the Community Council contacted Mr Crawford with concerns over dangerous traffic speed coming into the village. Mr Crawford has written to the Chief Executive of Stirling Council to raise these concerns and to call for 20mph zones to be extended to the rest of the village.  

In this letter, Mr Crawford said: 

“I understand that Kippen currently has 20mph flashing signs outside the school on Main Street, which are utilised during school times. However, I am advised there is an increasing issue with traffic speed on Main Street, particularly with vehicles coming into the village from Fintry. I am told these are approaching dangerous speeds, and the local community are fearful of a serious incident taking place.” 

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said: 

“20mph zones have the capacity to greatly improve road safety for drivers and for pedestrians and I fully support what the local community in Kippen is trying to achieve.  

“20mph zones are rightly used around school areas as well as at designated times in areas where young children are likely to be crossing roads. However, we must look to protecting other vulnerable people in our communities as well and reducing speed limits on local village roads will certainly help to do this. 

“According to the Scottish Government’s in Town Slow Down campaign, someone is stopped for speeding in Scotland every 11 minutes. There is a worrying rate of people who admit to not giving the road their full attention when on their way to or from work and driving through built up areas. 

“We must raise awareness of these dangers, but we must also do what we can in built up areas to reduce the speeds that people are allowed to drive at, and I am grateful for members of the local community in Kippen for pushing for exactly this.”