Primary 1/2  

Throughout Term 3 Primary 1/2 have been learning about transport and journeys. We have learned how transport has changed throughout time and how people travelled long ago. We have also had a focus on imaginative writing and wrote some wonderful stories about an amazing journey on a rocket bed, inspired by a story we have read called ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’. 

The children recently enjoyed a trip to The Riverside Museum (Museum of Transport) and Tall Ship, where they were able to interact with a wide range of exhibits. We walked through old Glasgow streets and visited the shops and Subway. The children were able to climb aboard a train, tram or bus and get a real feel for old public transport. We enjoyed a workshop about how transport is powered.  

P1/2 were also lucky enough to have a visit from Kippen resident and Kippen Primary parent, Rev. Mark Davidson. Rev. Davidson is a Naval Chaplain and came to talk to Primary 1/2 about how submarines are powered and operated, and what life is like on board a submarine. The children thoroughly enjoyed his visit and learned a lot.