Community Affairs

Public Transport

Despite their recent paint job the interiors of our buses have not improved.  First Midland Bluebird have now admitted that they  under-estimated the cost of refurbishing the interiors of the five Discovery Buses and this will not now take place. They have been overwhelmed with the continual problem of faulty heating and water ingress on the Balfron buses. However, they do need passengers to continue reporting these issues. Please note that if the heating is working in the drivers cab they are not aware that that it is faulty in the rest of the bus, so please tell them so that they can add this to their vehicle log. Also mention any other other issues that spoil your journey, particularly water ingress and dirty buses, which have been a real feature recently. Complaining to each other or on Facebook will not bring about change and we must contact the company directly.  

For those online, Bus issues can be reported to First anonymously via their “Rant and Rave” forum. In the case of C12/C12A Services, as these are funded by the Council, I would urge you to alert their transport department as quality of service is taken into account when tendering a contract. If we donʼt report these issues they assume all is well. Please also note for lost property, or other issues, the number for Balfron Depot is 01360 440920. 

With regards to service changes, we are led to believe that the evening services via Cambusbarron are at last being reviewed. If this goes ahead it will cut the journey time for people who wish to go or return from Stirling in the evening but are put off by this long route. This may also encourage passengers to use the new early evening trial service to Stirling C12A Friday/Saturday 18.40 (in Kippen) which may not be shown on your existing timetable. 

The campaign is also ongoing for public transport on the B12 route on a Sunday. All Councillors and Community Councils in the surrounding villages have been contacted and asked to support this. If you want to see a change please take time to contact the Council transport department so that this matter can be moved up their agenda. There are people in all the western villages without transport who cannot access any services, including hospitals, on a Sunday.  

Valerie Brand