Welcome to issue 6 of The Wee Vine.

This issue has a special feature about the Kippen Vine and picture coverage of the Beast from the East throughout the magazine. Many thanks to the contributors- June Waley, Di Blackmore, David Price, Gordon Bell and Keith Levin. It was a spectacular moment in time throughout the Village. We are always looking for front cover photographs, so send your images to our email address stating cover pic. Minimum 1 MB.

In this issue we have a new section covering Business News. If you missed inclusion in this issue – please send your articles to us no later than 30 June to be included in the next publication.

There is a lot happening in Kippen so we need your stories (with Pictures. Min 1 MB) as soon as possible or you will miss the deadline for the next issue. If we cannot fit everything in the printed version it will appear on the website – https://theweevine.org

Your feedback about the Wee Vine is important to us so please get in touch with your comments/ideas for this year.

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HVIN00001 Kippen Vine 1933