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The Kippen Community Woodland Group has been awarded a Community Grant from Stirling Council, which will be used to pay for clearance of the pond in Burnside Wood by means of a mechanical excavator. Clearance is planned to be carried out late autumn before hibernation and when life in the pond is dormant. Work started on our February Woodland Morning to remove saplings from the Eastern edge of the pond, creating space to deposit material removed from the pond. Further work is planned to facilitate the clearance work, including lowering the level in the pond later in the year.


The pond in Burnside Wood was originally created with a puddled clay base for use as a curling pond. Being man-made, the pond does not have a natural balance between water and plants, and if left to its own devices, the plants would totally cover the area, trees would begin to encroach and the pond would gradually disappear. Regular rotational clearance is required to prevent succession and to maintain open water, enabling frogs, toads, newts, ducks and dragonflies to thrive, and plants such as Greater Spearwort to grow.

Two-thirds of the pond were cleared 5 years ago and the vegetation is already starting to take over. It is intended to remove a further third of the vegetation before it gets too overgrown; not only is this easier, but it also minimises the impact on wildlife with areas of vegetation left undisturbed.

If you would like further information about the pond clearance or would like to join us us on our of our woodland mornings (held on the first Sunday or each month excluding July and January), please email

Paula Watson

Secretary, Kippen Community Woodland Group