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Day in the Woods

The Primary 6 and 7 classes recently ran an Outdoor Learning Day as part of their work this year. They started their John Muir Award work whilst on their residential week at Lendrick Muir in September. When they returned to School, the children worked together to explore and preserve their own wild space, Burnside Wood. The children consulted with the Kippen Woodland Group, who came in to speak to all the children about their work in preserving our wild space for the whole community. The children were keen to make this project an ongoing activity throughout the School year, threaded through their Community Matters IDL topic.

Day in the Woods Photo 2

They came up with the idea of running a whole day event for the rest of the School in the woods so that the other children of our School could experience the type of activities that they had undertaken whilst on their residential, as well as highlighting their knowledge and experience of their own woods. Everything that went into their day was led and organised by the John Muir students. They ran a number of activities: Campfire Food Making at the Coup, Tree Identification, Pond Dipping, Mystery in the Woods, Sensory Walk and Games and even Tai-Chi! It was a wonderful day and enjoyed by all the children and wider Kippen community. Due to all their hard work over the year, they were recently awarded the John Muir ‘Explorer’ Award.

“I really enjoyed running the whole event. Being in the woods with everyone, there’s nothing like it!” Evie, P7

“Running an activity during our Day in the Woods really made me feel confident about leading activities in the future.” Beth P7

“I had so much fun!” Ava P7

“I really enjoyed coaching all the other children in the School and passing on my expertise!” Charis P7

John Muir Awards