Community Affairs

Kippen Quilters

Elma Leith and Anne Lindsay came to visit Kippen Primary pupils during assembly to show us some of the quilts they have made and to tell us more about quilting. We had lots of questions for them about the skills they needed to use when making quilts and the different designs and patterns.

We then had the chance to make some paper quilts by all working on a square using the media of our choice. We used a variety of media such as crayons, oil pastels, felt tips, pencils and collage materials. The quilters joined our pieces together to make quilts and had them on display during their afternoon tea in the Village Hall in May.

We then had the quilts on display in our school so that pupils and visitors could admire our work. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are very colourful and creative. Thank you very much to the Kippen Quilters for sharing your work with us.