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Maths and Mingle

By Primary 1/2

We invited parents, family and friends to a ‘Maths and Mingle’ open afternoon. We wanted to share our maths learning and to show our family the different kinds of activities and games we use to help us.

Maths n Mingle

In the afternoon we were working in groups and playing lots of different games. When our visitors arrived, we explained what we were doing and invited them to take part in the different activities.

“I really liked it because we got to show our visitors lots of different types of maths and activities.” Tilly P2

“I liked it because we got to do lots of activities and we could ask the parents to join in and help us with the different tasks.” Harry P2

“I though Maths and Mingle was very, very good because it showed lots and lots of people lots of different maths at once.” Ella P1

“Everybody was calm and relaxed during the ‘Maths and Mingle’. It was nice to chat calmly to our visitors and show them what we’ve been learning.” Heidi P1