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P7 Leavers Ceremony

P7 Leavers’ Ceremony

The Kippen P7 Class celebrated their Leavers’ Ceremony on the 21st June. They worked hard over many weeks to produce a wonderful afternoon of entertainment for the gathered parents, teachers and school community. The class had worked with the BBC and Sky throughout the year, to develop their skills in front of and behind the camera, so they decided to bring their skills to the forefront when presenting their Leavers’ Assembly.

Kippen Leavers Ceremony Photo

The theme decided on this year was ‘The Oscars’, so each group produced films, trailers and adverts that reflected on their time at Kippen. They used the iPads and green screen apps to really bring their experiences to life. We even managed to create our own ABBA music video filmed in the halls of Kippen! The final assembly performance was a great hit with all the parents and friends that were invited, giving the P7 class time to reflect on the amazing journey they had taken during their years at Kippen. During the slideshow cataloguing their years at Kippen, as well as the heartfelt thank-your letters read out to the parents gathered, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! We wish them all the best in the next step of their learning journey!

The class reflected on their experience said:

‘It was very emotional but so uplifting!’ Charis P7

‘I was so happy looking back on all my experiences at Kippen’ Ava P7

‘Everybody worked hard!’ Ewan P7

‘It was very emotional, but amazing!’ Kherys P7