Welcome to issue 7 of the Wee Vine

We publish this edition during the fantastic heat wave hitting the UK. This has been wonderful for all the outdoor events featured in this issue including the Kippen Street Fayre and Open Gardens. Many thanks to our band of photographers covering the events. June Waley, Annabel Griffin and Kath Ferguson. We will feature more photographs on our website edition.

Thanks to our school reporters keeping us up to date with all the interesting stories.

Check out the events section for forthcoming happenings and the important message from the Woodland Group in Community Affairs.

We have 2 new supporters of The Wee Vine- Computer Division and Judyjamjar- Thanks for your support..

I hope that we will have more club news in the next edition. This is your news magazine and we need input from everyone.

There is a lot happening in Kippen so we need your stories (with Pictures. Min 1 MB) as soon as possible or you will miss the deadline for the next issue. If we cannot fit everything in the printed version it will appear on the website – https://theweevine.org

Deadline for the next issue is 30 September.

Your feedback about the Wee Vine is important to us so please get in touch with your comments/ideas for this year.

Send to enquiries@theweevine.org   If you wish to donate go to https://theweevine.org/donations/