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Flower Tubs

I have been very saddened at the sudden death of Fiona Campbell, my friend and fellow planter. We have worked very happily together, originally with Ann McCallum and since she left the village, just the two of us. It was always fun to plan what would go in the tubs, go and buy the bulbs/plants and set about to plant them up. We never disagreed although I think Fiona would have been happier with a blaze of colour, to my more muted tones!! It was a great occasion twice a year to refurbish and renew and we had so many passers-by who would stop for a chat and admire and congratulate us on the displays.

I shall miss her very much, not just for her friendship but for her dedication and reliability in the job we did together.

Next summer in memory of Fiona, there will be a blaze of colour!

Naomi Hirst