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In the midst of Chaos is Cosmos

I love the title of a book on my shelves: ‘In the Midst 5of Chaos.’ Much of my life currently feels in the midst of chaos – recovering from summer holidays, finding a way into the back-to-school routine, remembering all the activities that are getting underway again, and begin to plan for Christmas. Yes, I said it – CHRISTMAS! As a minister, I’ve been thinking about Christmas for a wee while already; if I don’t I wouldn’t survive the unexpected events appearing between now and then.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that life feels chaotic at times. I remember my grandmother using the very vivid description of how NOT to approach life with ‘she’s running about like a headless chicken.’ I can picture it; I helped kill chickens at a friend’s farm.  Hand up – I have been the darting, dashing, mindless mother, wife, minister and community member, and it breaks my heart that I may have missed something in the midst of my chaos.

At times, I must force myself to stop and wake up, so I am mindful of life and all its fullness. Take a breath, refocus, remember, and BE in the moment. ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46: 10) is one of my favourite passages to remember when I feel life getting me. It’s hard to find peace or calm when I feel pulled into the whirlwind, but if I remember to pause I’m able to be alert and aware of things I may have missed otherwise.

I don’t always get it right. I have been known to look like a woman on a mission out walking to visits or to the shop and seem to ignore someone who tries to catch my eye. I’m sorry if my whirlwind has blasted past and I haven’t seen you. I am trying to remember to see the world and all that is in it with God’s eyes that are not hurried or frantic. God’s love is steadfast and true and even calming in the midst of the storms of life. Jesus told the wind, waves and his worried friends to ‘Be still, be at peace.’ As I do my best to follow Jesus’ way, I am reminded of God’s peace in the midst of chaos that is not only for me but that I can be for others. I don’t have to be chaotic just because life feels chaotic.

May you find space to breathe, pause, and BE in the moments of your life. May you know peace in the midst of chaos. Peace & Blessings, Ellen

Mark your calendars –
Remembrance Day (11th November) – marking the 100th anniversary of end of World War 1 at War Memorial at the Cross at 10.50 am followed by worship in Kirk from 11.15 am

Messy Church at Kippen Kirk on Sunday 18th November, 3-5pm ‘Light in the Darkness’

Messy Nativity at Morning Worship 11.15 am on 16th December at Kippen Kirk,

Carols by Candlelight 16th December 7 pm at Kippen Kirk,

Messy Christmas EVE! At Norrieston Church Hall afternoon (time to be confirmed) concluding with Family Service in Norrieston Church – Watchnight in Kippen Kirk (Christmas Eve from 11.15 pm)

Christmas Day All-Age worship at 10.00 am in

Kippen Kirk