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Kippen Primary

Primary 1/2 Handa’s Surprise and Castles


Pupils in Primary 1/2 started the term with a book study of ‘Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. They learned a little about the setting of the story, a village in Kenya, and discussed how life there would be similar to, and different from, their own lives. Pupils learned about some of the animals in the story and were able to work in groups to retell the story and sequence it using words or pictures. They painted some beautiful pictures of Handa and her fruit basket, built Handa’s house using construction and made the fruit and animals from play-doh. Finally, we visited the kitchen in ‘The Hub’ and explored the fruit from Handa’s basket. We felt and smelled the fruit and made a list of all the adjectives we could use to describe them. This was followed by a tasting session where the children had an opportunity to describe the fruit further. Every piece of fruit was eaten, and every pupil tried something.

Primary 1/2 are now beginning to learn about Castles. Pupils have spent time planning together and deciding what they would like to learn. We are very excited about our new topic!

P2/3 The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Primary 2/3 have been taking part in a literacy topic about The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  They have enjoyed finding out more about the characters and building their own lighthouse in the classroom. Hamish the cat was a very popular character in the story and P2/3 worked out how to get him to stay in his basket on the zip wire. The worked together to solve the problem.20

The topic provided lots of opportunities for writing and everybody created their own sandwich for Mr Grinling. The class enjoyed creating conversations between the seagulls during Drama and then writing about it in class.

The class made their own papier mache lighthouses using old Pringle tubes and plastic cups. The display can be seen in the corridor in School.

The class are now learning about houses and homes and have enjoyed being out for walks in the

Primary 4/5 Charlotte’s Web and The Aztecs

Primary 4/5 started the year by looking at Charlotte’s Web as a book study, through which we were able to explore the theme of friendship, as well as look at the creation of both likeable and less likeable characters in writing! We also explored the shapes and patterns in spiders’ webs through art, as well as investigating webs within the playground environment, taking care not to disturb any spiders!

19As part of their topic on the Aztecs, primary 4/5 have been investigating who the Aztecs were, as well as how they have influenced modern society, and the similarities and differences between their lives and ours. There have been lots of interesting facts to find out and the class have enjoyed using their research skills to find information in books. Thinking about where the Aztecs may have got their clothes, since they did not have shops like ours, the class have tried their hand at weaving, using wool. Some pupils also brought in items of clothing or blankets which family members or family friends had made, to show that making clothes for your own family is still something that happens today.

Primary 5/6 The Scottish Wars of Independence

Primary 5/6 have been learning about events around the Scottish Wars of Independence. They have used key dates as part of the chronology of events from the death of King Alexander 111 in 1286. Pupils created battle shields with significant emblems and wrote letters to King Edward 1, to inform him of the death of Alexander 111.


Tea bags were used to stain the paper to create authentic appearance and the children also looked at the layout and format of written letters from hundreds of years ago. A school trip to the Bannockburn Visitor Centre will help pupils to learn more about this important period of history for Scotland.

P6/7 Trip to The National War Museum

Primary 6/7 launched their WW2 Conflict topic with a trip to the National War Museum in Edinburgh. The children were able to investigate the war and weaponry exhibits as well as immersing themselves in the 1940’s Wartime Life Room. The children were able to examine artefacts from four people who all had a different role to play in the war effort. There were artefacts, uniform and letters from William Nesbit who had been held as a prisoner of war in Poland; a kitbag and helmet used by Kenneth Muir, a soldier serving on Europe’s front lines; a suitcase and toys belonging to Elise Morton, an evacuee from Glasgow; as well as a fully stocked kitchen belonging to Margaret Maxwell who worked for the ATS, helping to protect the Home Front. The children were able to try on uniforms, gas masks, look at the amount an adult would be rationed for the week, play with games and toys, read correspondence and listen to broadcasts, and even had time for a dance to Glenn Miller! The class felt that they were able to imagine what it would have been like to live through this conflict from a number of different perspectives, and that the visit helped to bring their topic to life.

GOLD School Sports Award

We are delighted that Kippen Primary School School has been awarded a SportScotland Gold School Sport Award for 2018-2021.

The Gold School Sport Award is recognition of our school’s achievements in putting sport at the heart of our school’s planning, practice and ethos.

The Gold Award also highlights that we have shown excellent practice across the core areas of the Award and demonstrated an on-going commitment to increase young people’s opportunities and engagement in physical education, school sport and leadership, and provide clear pathways to lifelong participation in sport.

We are very grateful to all the people who have worked so hard to earn this award: pupils, Kippen’s School Sports Committee, staff, parents, after-school club volunteers and coaches, Balfron High School Sports Leaders and Active Stirling. Thank you to everyone for all their contributions.

Responsibility Groups

Did you know that every pupil at Kippen Primary School contributes to our School by being in a responsibility group? There are now 5 groups altogether. Pupils are in the group for up to 2 years, then they get a choice to remain in the group for longer or can suggest one of the other groups that they would like to join.

Eco Team

Our Eco Group, led by Miss15
Alexander, is in charge of
maintaining our Green Flag
status and promoting Reduce,
Renew and Recycle. They
helped to organise our ‘Rag Bag’ outdoor collection point which is well used by the surrounding community. Last year they set up a Book Swap Shop to encourage both reading and recycling in one go.

Grounds Team

14The Grounds Team, led by Mrs Stirling, help look
after our School grounds and keep them looking
beautiful. Last year the group led the Food
Waste Challenge, monitoring food waste during
lunchtimes as part of a wider sustainability project.
We would welcome any volunteers with time or skills available to help look after our grounds and promote learning in the grounds of the School. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact

Pupil Council

The Pupil Council will be led by Mrs Mier this year. The Pupil Council 14members listen to ideas and make decisions about things to do with the school and work together to organise whole School fundraisers for worthy causes. Last year they led a successful Blythswood Care Christmas Shoebox appeal and they also chose the new flooring for the Open Area downstairs.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee, led by Miss Campbell, helped the School to     achieve Gold School Sport Award in September 2018. The committee meets regularly to look at physical education and physical activity in     School, looking at what we already do and what people would like to add or change. Thank you to Mrs Bradwell for being a parent volunteer on the group.


Tech Team

The Tech Team, led by Mrs Stone, helps to look after the ICT equipment in school and remind others about how to look after it properly. We are currently awaiting a delivery of new laptops, generously funded by Kippen Parent Council.