Special Feature

Kippen Sports Development Ltd (Sports Field) End of year update

The Sports Field Management team was supplemented by the arrival of Cameron Skinner to the committee which is responsible for the ongoing management of the sports field. The Group has a lease from the Mitchell Trust to ensure that the facilities are kept in good order for community benefit.

Sadly, with no senior Kippen Football team playing at the park this year this has had an impact on our income from rentals. The good news is that the McNicoll’s family have agreed to still collect donations for us from second hand books sold in the store.

The main users of the facilities remain Kippen Primary school and the Kippen Junior Football Club. We were delighted to have extended use by the Cubs and Brownies as well as several one-off events such as the Kippen Trail Race and several kids’ birthday parties. We are delighted to report that we will have additional support from the Windmill Fund that will allow us to enhance our usage options with some additional deep drainage works.

Our main challenge is the cost of basic maintenance and insurances is nearly £2000 per year and our income is just not generating enough money to keep the sports field in a sustainable position. Over the coming months we will be consulting with any interested parties in the village as we seek to find a solution to this conundrum.

Any suggestions can be posted on our new Kippen Sports Field Facebook page or send by email to our Chair at   paulgoodwin@bigbluestar.co.uk

Paul Goodwin