1st Stirlingshire Carse Beavers

beavers at christmas carol concert

The autumn term continued with 1st Stirling Carse Beavers being very excited at “Arnprior Pumpkins”, kindly hosted by Duncan and Rebecca McEwan, and enjoyed the Bonfire Night organised by the Cubs.  Beavers then reflected on the 1st World War and painted stones to mark their respects, taking an active part in leading the Remembrance Service on the 11th November. After completing the Faith Badge, Beavers learned about global issues, such as how desertification in areas of Madagascar can affect the habitat of indigenous animals like lemurs, plastic pollution damages the food chain in the sea and the difficulty of finding clean water in some areas of the world, making water filters to understand this. Beavers celebrated with a Christmas Party and finished the year by singing Kumbaya at the Christmas Carol Concert. Many thanks to Ellen Larson Davidson, Jeeka Jarvis, Adrian Chamberlain and all Beavers’ parents for their great support each week. Please contact: for more info on Beavers.