General Information

Bus Changes

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From 7th January 2019 all Balfron C12 evening buses will revert to the daytime route via Dumbarton Road and will no longer go via Cambusbarron. There will be a slight difference in departure times from the bus station.

Stirling to Balfron buses will now leave at 18.44.  (19.10 Friday/Saturday only) 20.42.  22.59. There will also be a minor change to the Kippen to Stirling C12 19.47 which will now be at 19.50. Please note your arrival time in Stirling will be 10-12 minutes earlier on all evening buses due to the shorter journey. We hope the return to this route will encourage more people to go to Stirling in the evening, as access to restaurants, the Albert Hall and Smith Gallery will now be much easier.

Resolving the above issue has merely taken us back to where we originally were some years ago, so there is still a lot to do to improve public transport. The campaign for Sunday Transport is now top of the list. In order that Stirling Council understands the need for Sunday buses, residents from various villages have been contacting me to explain how important this is to them. If lack of Sunday transport affects you or someone you know please mention to me on the bus or contact the Wee Vine for my contact details.

Once again lack of heating has been a major issue on the Balfron Buses.  Please continue to report these and any other issues including water ingress. Complaints should also be reported to Stirling Council as these vehicles are used for school services as well as our C12/C12A which are all funded by the Council.

Valerie Brand