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Kippen Heritage

We are looking for people who are interested in the history of Kippen and have good IT skills.

You would be involved in recording the history and heritage of Kippen and making this available to all those interested.  This entails:

•       Scanning and filing (in the cloud) a large number of photos and documents.  The primary source for these is an archive spanning well over 100 years, which has been built up  This contains several thousand items.  A large part of this has already been archived, but there remains a sizeable task.

•       Using this material to build a comprehensive website.  This involves not simply transferring material (although that might sometimes suffice), but also building the material into a story in some cases – examples of this would be the smiddy, the big vine, the boatyard, the kirkyard. A small element of this phase has been done and awaits publication, but the vast majority remains to be completed.

Could anyone interested in becoming part of this team please contact Stuart Thomson at, or on 07736 362011.  Numbers permitting, we will then organise a team meeting to agree how to take this forward.